Top 7 Qualities that You Should Consider When Buying Wood Stain Colors

Wood stain colors are special paints that are used in coloring wood. Some of them are used for beauty, while others used wood stain colors for preservation purposes. Whatever the purpose, wood stain colors should be able to produce unmatched results when used in basements, verandahs, and painting other wooden surfaces.

If you occasionally use wood stain colors, you know that there are multiple of them out there in the store. Knowing the best wood stains to use is an art. This article highlights some of the factors that make wood stain colors the best.

1. Dissolving in Multiple Vehicles

Wood stains cannot be applied to the wood in their concentrated form. They must use a specific ‘vehicle,’ which makes it easy for them to be applied. The vehicle is the solvent. Some of the commonly used wood stain vehicles include water, paraffin, ethanol, mentholated, and other hydrocarbons. To eliminate the inconveniences, the best wood stain should dissolve in a readily available vehicle such as water.

2. Transparent Wood stain

Another important quality that makes wood stains to standout is being transparent, especially when used for decoration purposes. There is no need to use an opaque wood stain in natural wood with very beautiful grains. Woodworkers are always looking for a transparent wood stain that will stain the wood while at the same time allowing the grains to shine. Most of the wood stain colors are currently incorporating this property.

3. Synthetic Pigments

There is always a huge force and demand to use natural products at any given time due to associated costs and sustainability. However, natural wood conditioner does not seem to offer a reliable solution as compared to synthetic pigments that have been manufactured in large quantities. Historically, synthetic dyes dissolve in most of the solvents used, which makes it easy for woodworkers. Additionally, synthetic pigments are easy to apply and result in a more uniform application as compared to natural dyes.

4. Enhanced Wood Protection

Every time you are looking for wood stain colors to paint your deck, you should check its ability to protect the wood. There are insects, pathogens, and bacteria that eat the wood, which ultimately makes it weak and not enough to hold weight. Costly replacement is the only way out to strengthen your deck. However, you can solve this problem by getting the right wall primer that has additional treatment and protection to your wood.

5. Low VOC Wood Stains

Using low volatile organic compound, wood stains is an important measure towards protecting your family against chemical sensitivities and breathing problems. A report by CBC Marketplace indicated that VOC levels above 500 ppb could cause problems for people with chemical sensitivities. You can focus on getting VOC free stain so that you can eliminate issues of asthma, lung problems, and chemical sensitivities in your home.

6. Eco Friendly Wood Stain

With increasing calls for the use of eco friendly products in the construction sector, using eco friendly wood stain is a huge benefit to the environment. Using latex free wood stain colors provides good living space for your family members and your pets as well. Latex is a harmful toxin that has devastating impacts on the breathing system of living things. Health-focused paints have become fashionable in the industry, and you should choose them as well.

7. Wood Stain Durability

Wood stain colors have a shelf life that is dependent on the manufacturer and other additional aspects. Your aim should be to get a wood stain color that will protect your deck for many years. Professional Curry Supply and experienced woodworkers might be resourceful in highlighting a wood stain that can last for many years. You don’t want your deck to be left bare; without any meaningful protection.

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