Have you thought about redecorating a bedroom as a Christmas gift?

Christmas is coming up fast and it can be very hard to choose gifts for older kids and family members. Imagine giving the gift of a newly designed and decorated bedroom. This is the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Here are a few fantastic redesign ideas using non toxic paint for walls among other items that will blow their minds this holiday season.

Do you have an artistic teen on your hands? Applying dry erase paint or chalkboard paint on an accent wall can give them the opportunity to express their creativity not only on their own but even with friends. You can add splashes of colour and texture throughout the room that will inspire your young artist to grow. Lighting is huge for any artist so think about redoing the lights and installing some cool lamps. Think about spaces that will help the young artist sit comfortably and work on whatever their amazing minds can come up with. Don’t worry about the paint creating odours when you are completed as you can find the highest quality low odor paint that is completely non-toxic. Non toxic paint is great for everyday use and creates an allergy-friendly environment. According to a report by CBC Marketplace, VOC levels over 500 ppb could create problems for those with chemical sensitivities.

Is your teen into space, galaxy and glowing things? There are a million ways to create a gorgeous galaxy scene in your child’s room that will amaze them and any friends they bring over. You can apply glow in the dark non toxic spray paint to a number of different pieces of furniture and decor. Glowing stars and moon stickers are great for any age and they will really pop if you install a black light bar. Using purples, pinks, blacks, blues with spots of white can create the galaxy look you’re looking for.

Are you simply looking for a nice new paint job using their favourite colours? Find any color they like in non toxic paint for walls that will last for years. You can choose simple pieces of furniture in the same colours to accent the room and create a more grown-up look and feel to their bedroom. Be unique this holiday season and give them a gift they will never expect.




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