5 Trends That Will Update Your Bathroom

There are many reasons why people may consider remodeling their homes. Many simply want a new, updated look to a house that they perhaps bought years (or even decades) ago. Maybe the remodeling project is meant to be a fix for an issue that was always there. When you buy a home, you’re making a serious commitment and few people want to sell soon after; however, people do often buy homes that can be termed “fixer-uppers.” They aren’t perfect quite yet, but they can be made so with just a few alterations. With that being said, some people also find themselves remodeling their homes purely to increase their value. After all, if you remodel your bathroom you can typically expect a return on investment of 70%. This could be done in the long-term anticipation of a sale or done at the advice of a market expert.

The fact is that when you put money into your home, you tend to get it back — if you make the right choices regarding your renovations. Certainly, some trends are frivolous and won’t stand the test of time. They could potentially take away from your home’s value, rather than adding to it. Certain rooms have more renovation value than others, as well; perhaps one of the most popular rooms to remodel is the bathroom.

The fact is that the bathroom can either be a purely utilitarian space or a place where you can add both personality and charm. If granted enough space, it can even become a sanctuary — a place where you can relax and take some time away from your busy life. With that being said, it’s important that if you remodel your bathroom that you don’t just make something that only suits your own tastes at the moment. If you really want to add value to your home, you should follow bathroom remodeling trends, choosing those that both appeal to a wider audience and ultimately stand the test of time. There are ways that you can make your bathroom both more aesthetically appealing, and more practically effective. The key to this is choosing an experienced contractor that can be trusted. Remember that your bathroom is also a space that can potentially cost you a lot of money in the long term. If your bathroom is not properly remodeled, with attention paid to the plumbing, it could end up wasting water and therefore running up your water bill. Ultimately, a bathroom remodeling project shouldn’t be taken on lightly. Let’s look into some of the best bathroom remodeling trends that you should consider.

bathroom remodeling trends

1. Adding a Glass Shower

Perhaps one of the first things you’ll look at when remodeling your bathroom is your shower. A good shower can make or break the degree to which you’re able to relax in your bathroom. If a shower has poor water pressure or produces lukewarm temperatures, you’ll probably find yourself unable to really enjoy it. Of course, there are also bathroom remodeling trends that can contribute to the enjoyability of your shower. While in the past it was common for showers to be covered with fabric curtains, this has gone somewhat out of fashion — at least if people have a choice. This is in part because these curtains tend to be become unsightly over time. They are easily water-stained and must be replaced frequently. Furthermore, they can encourage the growth of mildew in your shower.

A glass shower means that no there is no need for such curtains. For that matter, the look of fogged glass creates a constantly steamed appearance, which many find attractive. Many find that there is also something to be said for the fact that a glass shower works with a variety of different types of decor. It is colorless, and therefore more versatile than other types of showers. When people look at a glass shower, there is an illusion of more space in a bathroom; they’re also able to see the attractive tile within the shower, which you can choose to cater to your own preferences. Furthermore, a glass shower contains heat — with curtained showers, the heat often escapes and leaves people cold. It’s no wonder that, in general, glass showers increase the value of a home.

2. Updating Your Walls

Most of us don’t have massive bathrooms. Even if you expand yours during your renovation project, you can only do so to a certain extent. This is why many bathroom remodeling trends are followed in order to create an illusion of increased space. One of the best ways you can do this is by updating your walls — usually by changing their color. This can be done through wallpaper or paint. In the past, wallpaper was quite popular within bathrooms, and it can definitely still work if you choose the right pattern. People often choose wallpaper patterns based on a theme. If you want your bathroom to follow a beach theme, as many people do, you might choose a wallpaper that follows that theme with shells or waves. Wallpaper can be one of the more divisive bathroom remodeling trends, however. One year, it could be “in” and the next, it could be “out”. While it’s relatively easy to remove — unlike paint, which must simply be covered over — it can still be seen as a negative for potential buyers. If you like a specific wallpaper and don’t plan on selling your home soon, go ahead with it! Otherwise, consider a paint job instead. Bright white is seen as a popular color for bathrooms, as it has a specifically clean feeling. On the other hand, it shows staining and dirt more easily — therefore, a creamy white may be a better idea. The bathroom is typically seen as a good space for pastel colors, like light blue or green. You’ll want colors that make people feel a sense of calm. Of course, when you look into classic bathroom remodeling trends, you may find a deep cerulean blue to be one of the more popular shades. Blue will never go out of style for bathrooms. You can’t go wrong with it!

bathroom remodeling trends

3. Creating A Mini Spa

People are more stressed out now more than ever. So it’s no wonder that one of the most popular bathroom remodeling trends of the recent years is to create the sense of a miniature spa. Everyone’s idea of a spa is different from the next person’s. But you may want to begin by installing a whirlpool tub, with jets that will help ease tension in the bather’s muscles. You can further add to the general ambiance by adding dimmers to your lights. This way, you won’t feel quite as much bright pressure and can adjust the lighting to your specific desires at the moment. Adding to the general look of a spa, you could install faux wood tiles as well. This creates a sort of bamboo look, and the natural effect creates a sense of tranquility. Another addition you may want to consider is that of a massaging showerhead, with adjustable pressure that bathers can use if they wish. There are other, additions which, though not quite as permanent, can follow along with bathroom remodeling trends as well. This can include oil diffusers, which you may want to add to the room, as well as plush towels — which you may want to heat before using. Turning your bathroom into a mini-spa can really change the way that you experience it, and help you unwind at the end of the day.

bathroom remodeling trends

4. Improving Your Plumbing

As we mentioned previously, you should also consider the more practical bathroom remodeling trends, which can help you save money and enjoy a more efficient space. This is especially true if you’re living in an older home. All houses eventually require practical updates, and the bathroom may require updates before any other room in the house, due to the amount of times that it is used. With that being said, you can’t just expect any contractor to know what do in these terms. You’ll want to work with a plumbing company and make sure that you’re making the best, most cost-effective updates possible. You’ll want to make sure that your pipes are not cracked or otherwise damaged, and that you don’t have any unseen leaks in the bathroom. Issues like these could cost you dearly over time. You’ll also want to make changes that will help your plumbing last over time. A good plumbing company will help you prevent pipe corrosion by adding in specific types of pipe coating, like biostatic coating. During this time, you should also check for any signs of mildew. Mold issues can build up over time and pose serious health risks to anyone who is in bathrooms that have them. Ultimately, you’ll want to make sure that your bathroom functions well while looking great.

5. Including Sink Vanities

Perhaps one of the most popular bathroom remodeling trends that everyone is aware of would be his and her sinks. Having dual sinks allows people to really enjoy their own spaces. This causes less conflict and allows people to keep their belongings to themselves. It also cuts down on clutter. However, you can further add to the compartmentalized sense of these sinks by adding in vanities. Vanities are newer bathroom remodeling trends and essentially allow for long, nearly full-scale mirrors, as well as sinks and cabinet space for your toiletries. These vanities, particularly if they’re installed on a dual scale, further incorporate the trend of larger mirrors, which have long been preferred in bathrooms. They add to the room, while at the same time making it seem more spacious. Another benefit of these types of vanities is that they create a sense of luxury. While nobody necessarily needs a vanity, adding one to your bathroom makes it easier for you to prepare during the day. You could potentially add extra lights to your vanity, which women, in particular, enjoy as it makes it easier for them to apply their makeup. Make sure that you have outlets installed near your vanity — that way, you’ll be able to better use your styling tools. With that being said, a vanity is something that can look somewhat frivolous and isn’t necessarily going to appeal to everyone. This is why it’s important to make sure that the vanities you choose come with the storage space that will make them practically useful.

As you’ve probably noticed, the popularity of many bathroom remodeling trends are very much dependent on individual tastes. Over time, everything falls in and out of style. Therefore, unless you’re purely remodeling your home to increase its value for an upcoming sale, you ultimately need to choose the trend that appeals the most to you. If you’re working with a reliable, experienced contractor — and a plumbing company on the same level — you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Don’t concern yourself too much about what other people will think. If you prefer a more industrial look, perhaps spas and vanities aren’t for you. But if your bathroom is meant to be your in-home oasis, make it so! You won’t regret spending your renovation budget on the kind of updates that will make you happier in the long term.






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