Three Ways Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save Your Wallet and Health

Most, if not all, homes use air conditioners and heating systems to ensure they stay cool during scorching hot months and warm during long, cold winters. So, it is crucial to ensure you have routine maintenance of it.

The air conditioner working principle is to have colder evaporator conditions than room temperature. So, it’s imperative to get routine (preventative) care. If you ignore getting an air conditioning repair contractor to properly care for the air conditioner coil and condenser and more, you will risk paying much more money to repair or replace the air conditioner.

It’s easy to ignore getting preventative maintenance once you’ve gotten an air conditioner easy install. However, you will truly regret it when various parts of the air conditioner breakdown. Not only will you and your loved ones suffer from the scorching heat, but you will also have to pay much more money to get another air conditioner. This situation won’t be such an air conditioner easy install as before. In fact, the air conditioner price list could include $3,400 for the air conditioner and $3,200 for the furnace unit.

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According to The Atlantic, approximately 87% of all American households use some form of air conditioning to keep their homes cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. As you should know, all of this use puts a lot of strain on air conditioning systems, oftentimes leading to the need for an air conditioning repair service. With the average air conditioning repair service charging between $492 to $672 per job, according to Home Advisor, many homeowners are wondering if there isn’t a cheaper way to keep their heating and cooling systems in working order.

That’s where preventative maintenance comes in. Preventative maintenance is a lot cheaper than having to constantly have an air conditioning repair service come in and fix a broken down system. Not sold? Here are three ways that preventative maintenance of your heating and cooling units can improve your life.

Three Reasons Preventative Maintenance for Home Air Conditioning Systems is Crucial

    1. Regular Filter Replacement Can Help You Stay Healthy

As House Logic suggests, one of the most noticeable benefits of regular maintenance is your health. Air conditioning repair and maintenance services will replace your air filters when maintaining your systems. That in turn will lead to cleaner air and a cleaner bill of health.

    1. Low Freon Levels Cost You Comfort, Money

Did you know that maintaining your Freon levels in your air conditioner can reduce your monthly cooling costs by as much as 20%? Lower Freon levels mean your unit has to work harder to reduce temperatures to that perfectly frosty level. That not only makes it more likely your air conditioner will break down; it also bumps up your electric bill.

    1. Malfunctioning Components Can Send Your Electric Bill Through the Roof

As Energy Star writes, a malfunctioning air conditioner is both a fire hazard and a money pit. With regular maintenance, you can decrease the chances of your air conditioner turning into a fireball, while simultaneously reducing your impact on your wallet and the environment.

Do you regularly have a home air conditioning service come in and perform preventative maintenance on your HVAC or other air conditioning system? Do you notice a difference? Let us know in the comment section below. Learn more at this link.


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