The Value of Selling Your Carbide Scrap

Buy scrap carbide

Do you run a construction site or work in the industrial sector and you have extra tungsten carbide scrap that you are looking to dispose of in an appropriate matter? If so, you may want to seriously consider seeking out scrap carbide buyers and carbide recyclers to whom you could sell it.

Those who buy scrap carbide are sometimes willing to pay twice as much in tungsten carbide scrap prices than they might for other types of scrap. But why is it valuable to sell carbide scrap?

For one, tungsten carbide which is also commonly referred to as cemented scrap carbide, is valued as a “precious metal.” It is particularly tough, not susceptible to heat like other materials are. When treated with titanium, it has even greater longevity and is less likely to be destroyed or compromised in quality.

In addition to making money when you sell carbide scrap, you can also benefit the environment. Businesses that specialize in manufacturing that utilize recycled metal scrap for their items can typically help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by closely 60%.

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