Thinking Of A New Bathroom? Here’s Why You Should Refurbish Today

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There are many reasons to get a tub. Whether your home is itching for some remodeling or your old tub is needing to be thrown out for various reasons (ranging from being worn out to ‘it’s far too dirty and I don’t want to clean it anymore’), lay any doubts you may have to rest — a recent survey revealed that a whopping 60% of homeowners had plans to remodel their master bathroom and over 90% were interested in energy efficient toilets. Changing times create changing measures and one of those is creating a house that’s as up-to-date and efficient as you are. Beauty only runs skin deep, after all, and below I’ll list some simple and useful information so your home remodeling can be a long-lasting, beautiful and fulfilling one!

Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

This isn’t the funnest part, but it’s crucial in making sure your money doesn’t (if you’ll pardon the pun) go down the toilet! Bathroom remodeling was revealed in a national survey to be the most requested job in the U.S. at almost 80% of all renovations and one of the most common issues for anybody looking to spruce up their home was finding useful plumbing solutions. The basics to keep in mind are how much space you need for your updated addition, the appropriate materials for your home and what you want out of your recent remodeling. Some want a shiny new look and some are more interested in energy-efficient solutions. While home designers can be useful for adding visual panache and flair, a plumber is necessary to make sure everything runs properly beneath the surface. It takes a little work to choose the right fittings for your home and reasons to get a tub are different for everybody, but your future self (and future home) will thank you for it.

What Are Good Materials For Tubs?

For this, you’ll have to figure out your personal uses — if you want good heat retention, seek out acrylic or enameled cast iron. If you want a variety of available styles, cultured marble might be your ticket (and they compliment stone flooring very well!). Yet more people are becoming economical in these expensive times and seek out fiberglass or enameled steel, which are cheap and durable. These are just a few bathroom remodeling ideas and you can find many more by calling your local plumbing services. Even if you’re not interested in a new tub or bathroom sink, even a minor kitchen remodel can offer a return on your investment at a shocking 80% or higher. Updated homes offer satisfying long-term investments as well as give you plenty of new bragging rights next time you’re out with friends or family. Now that you’ve got a few reasons to get a tub or a refurbished kitchen, where are you going to start first?




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