Better Water For A Better You — Your Questions About Water Filtration Answered!

Reverse osmosis water filtration

With 268 million Americans using their community water system, that’s potentially 268 million Americans using hard water; it’s no wonder, then, that in contrast more than four out of ten people use a water treatment system. It’s easy to believe that hard water is tolerable, something we should bear. But the facts are that hard water … often contaminated water … is something easily remedied by water filtration systems, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is untreated water, having not gone through water “softening”, or rather water purification. Often it contains contaminates like manganese, iron, or even arsenic, potentially causing health problems. The problems of hard water are impossible to count, but the first thing people notice about hard water is usually the taste … sulfurous hard water is said to smell and taste like rotten eggs!

What Does Hard Water Do To Me?

Without a water aeration system in place, hard water can potentially cause health problems. It cuts the efficiency of your appliances by up to 48%, and can even be seen in everything from your fixtures to your clothes … yes, your clothes! Excessive amounts of manganese can cause blackish stains to show up in your laundry, while large amounts of iron, when not caught by something like an iron shower filter, can buildup on your bath and shower fixtures. These buildups are not only aesthetically displeasing, but potentially destructive to the appliances they affect.

I’ve Heard That Water Purification Is Expensive; Can I Afford It?

Water purification is not some grand whim that you’re indulging, and water purification companies are aware of this. It’s the water you deserve provided at very reasonable rates. Some fixes … such as an iron shower filter … are fairly simple to install and relatively cheap. Ultimately, even something as simple as purifying your water of chlorine can decrease your risk for cancer and betters your overall physical health. Water aeration also lengthens the lifetime of your appliances, ultimately saving rather than wasting your money.

What Are My Options?

A water purification company can offer you many options, from the seemingly minute like an iron shower filter, to the dramatic, like an arsenic removal system. Their job is to work with you on your specific needs, even if all you want is better … tasting water! Don’t think that your current system is too complicated to purify, either. Some water filtration systems are specifically meant for community water, while others are meant for those who get well water.

The best part about having a water purification system is peace of mind. Even if you’re only in the beginning stages of purifying your water, you know that what you’re drinking is better for you.




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