Different Roof Types and Their Durability


The durability of different roof types is incredibly important. Studies have shown the importance of the roof when buying/selling homes, so it’s a key piece in a home’s overall value. Understanding the durability and maintenance needs for roof types can be helpful in helping homeowners make good decisions when looking for and owning a home.

An average roof can last about 20 to 25 years, according to experts. However, without proper care, many roofs won’t last that long. Read on for a few different types of roofs and how you can choose the best one.


Fiber-cement roofs are one of the best roof options out there. They are incredibly durable and low-maintenance, and they offer huge advantages. The advantages include: bullet-proof, fire resistant, wind resistant, insect resistant, moisture resistant, and they’re resistant to impact.

Wood Roofs

Wooden roofs are quite sturdy, but depending on where you live, they can have a host of issues. They’re of course highly flammable, water can easily warp it, and insects can chew away at it. Leaky roofs will likely be your biggest issue with this type though. So if you live somewhere with a lot a storms, or prone to wildfires, this roof type if probably nor for you.

Aluminum Roofs

These are pretty rare, but still out there. They hold the advantage of being waterproof, and insect-proof, but they are at risk for roof punctures, and the roof support is incredibly low for homes with this type.

Keep in mind, insurance companies often won’t cover roof problems if they are caused by lack of maintenance or wear and tear. Make the right choice in roof type, and you may never have to worry about that!

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