Four Reasons Why You’ll Feel Right at Home in a Luxury Apartment

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Americans are moving out of homes in the suburbs and into apartments and lofts on a massive scale. Currently, 35% of Americans rent apartments, and this percentage is growing every day.

More people are choosing luxury apartments as well, and for good reason. These days, luxury rentals are incredibly accessible and affordable, and there’s a wide range of great features that these dwellings offer.

Here are the top four ways a luxury apartment will make you feel right at home:

1. Surprising affordability: Renting a luxury apartment is surprisingly more affordable than owning a home these days. Recent research has actually shown that 20% of people who buy homes would have saved money by living in loft apartments for rent; another report stated that “in many places, at many times, and for many holding periods during the past 15 years, renting made better financial sense than owning.”

2. Awesome amenities: With a luxury apartment, you’ll get more amenities than just heat and water being included in your rent each month. The best luxury developments offer swimming pools, fitness centers and much more. There will be plenty of reasons to get excited about coming home.

3. Great locations: Today’s luxury apartment developments are located in rapidly-developing areas of every major city, meaning you can have access to the newest and most exciting shopping, dining and entertainment — and it’s often never more than a few blocks away.

4. Flexibility and independence: In today’s economic climate, never know where your career might take you next — and for this reason, luxury apartments for rent are a better choice than owning a home. When your luxury apartment contract ends, usually after a year, you can choose to move elsewhere or stay in your apartment. But with all the great features that luxury apartments offer, there’s no reason to ever want to leave.
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