The Four Top Reasons to Install Gutters on Your Home May Surprise You!

Homeowners require gutter installation services to prevent future issues caused by water damage. These issues include rotting wood on your doors and windows or an unstable foundation due to softening of the soil underneath your house. A question on someone’s mind could be, “Are gutters expensive?” The cost to install a gutter depends on the materials used and the service fee from an installation company. Most people opt for aluminum gutters and downspouts. This is because they are light and easy to install but are still effective. However, due to its lightweight nature, it is not durable and needs maintenance from time to time to avoid corrosion.

People choose copper gutters because they require little maintenance and have an aesthetic appeal. However, the cost may be slightly higher, so you can also opt for aluminum gutters that look like copper. They are durable, able to withstand extreme weather conditions, and give your home an appealing look. The best gutter system for house serves you efficiently and can move water away from the house. Cleaning and maintaining the gutter system also helps ensure the gutter lasts for an extended period.

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Gutters! Who would have thought that having gutters on your home could eliminate or prevent so many problems inside and outside of your home? What are the four top reasons to have gutters installed or to repair or upgrade your existing gutters?

  1. Gutters collect and move the water away from the foundation of your home, preventing water problems in the basement.

Roof water overflows from clogged gutters or if there are no gutters, roof water pours down to the ground and accumulates around the foundation of your house. Basement leaks through the foundation of your home may be just moments away. The number one cause of basement water problems are not having any gutters or the gutters that you have are clogged. If you are having water leaking into your basement after a rainfall, and you don’t have gutters, you may want to contact a gutter installation company. If you have gutters and water is pouring over the side of the gutters instead of going down the downspout, you may want to contact a home gutter cleaning company or a gutter repair service. If water is coming out over the side of the gutters instead of going down the downspout, there may be leaves and other debris in the gutter that is blocking the water flow or maybe there are bends or kinks or possibly the gutters were not installed correctly. For any of these situations, you may want to contact a gutter cleaning service.

  1. Do you want to protect your shrubs, rock and landscaping around the exterior of your home!

Gutters that are installed correctly will have at least 1.8 meters of downspout extensions that are directed away from the foundation of your home. And to be a good neighbor, you also will want to direct the flow of water away from your neighbor’s home. Gutters installed by a gutter installation service will make sure the downspout extensions are directed towards the road, the back yard or back lane or alley and away from your house or your neighbors. In addition, gutters will save your shrubs, flowers, mulch, rock or any other material or ornamental items that are placed around the foundation of your house. With gutters, the water will not pour down from the roof and damage plants. The water traveling down the downspout will prevent holes and washing away of your lawn.

  1. You can add an extra dimension of beauty to your home by framing the roof line and adding a more finished look!

When you have a gutter system installed, the installation company will offer a variety of colors and materials to be used. You will be able to match and complement the color and design scheme or your home. Downspouts will be placed appropriately to be almost unnoticed. You may think your only option for gutters is vinyl. However there are many other choices. In the same way that there are different kinds of siding, actually about 15 different varieties, there are also many different kinds of gutters.

  1. When you add gutters to your home, you increase the value!

Gutters add value to your home both because they provide a finished and color coordinated look to your home. But more importantly, having properly installed gutters will keep your basement dry and avoid problems around the foundation of your home. All of these are factors that would decrease your value. This one step will solve or eliminate those issues and will add or retain the value of your home.

Do you have trees close to your home? If you have trees close to your home that drop their leaves, you may want to consider some type of covers for your gutters. Hire a gutter installation service to install gutter covers. Gutter covers will allow the rain to flow into the gutters but keep the fallen leaves and debris from falling into them and creating clogs.

Do you have gutters on your home? If you do, are they clean and functioning properly? Having gutters is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to solve potentially huge problems around your home.




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