Growing an Even Greener Thumb Exploring Organic and Natural Lawncare Solutions

Pet friendly lawn care

Aside from your classic, fully restored vintage car, a much younger trophy spouse, a tony home in the suburbs, a cushy job in the big city, 2.5 “gifted and talented” children in the best private school, and the latest smart phone or mobile device (whatever that may be), your lawn is your pride and job. It says a lot about you: who you are, what you want in life, and how you take care of both your home and your family. After all, your lawn is usually where the dog plays, your kid plays, and where you entertain guests! In addition to curb appeal, it plays a very important function in the overall aesthetics and function of your home.

But remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side; it’s green where you water it. That’s exactly where green lawn care comes into play. You may be thinking, “How can can lawn care get any greener? Isn’t grass already green? Aren’t the chemicals I put on my grass safe for my family?”

Eh, not really.

In fact safe lawn care has only recently become a “thing” thanks to the growing popularity — finally — of organic foods, clothing, and household products. Everyone’s going green that’s a great thing! In fact, it’s downright cool to be “green”. No one wants to be that guy or gal that still thinks it’s cool to drive around in a lemon yellow Hummer, live in a massive McMansion, buy all your stuff from Walmart, vote for Donal- nevermind, and use products that are the exact opposite of natural lawn care! And you don’t want to be that oblivious and oh-so-clueless person that doesn’t use natural lawncare products, right? Right! So it’s time to be a bit “greener” and more environmentally responsible about that green thumb of yours!

Among all the silly reasons why people are leery of investing in natural lawncare supplies, many people feel that organic and natural lawncare options simply won’t work as well as the traditional — cough, cough, poisonous — stuff. This is just not true! In fact, many organic and natural lawncare solutions not only work much better and are much more effective, but they’re also a lot safer for your family, including your pets.

As opposed to natural lawncare options, many traditional lawncare supplies contain extremely harmful and toxic ingredients that have been known to contribute to allergic reactions such as asthma attacks and may even increase one’s risk of developing cancer. Similarly, many of the traditional lawn care products and supplies available can also contribute to groundwater contamination, which is now becoming a growing concern. This is especially true for those that rely on well water.

Remember that just because it goes into the ground or down the drain doesn’t mean it disappears! In fact, agricultural and industrial runoff are some of the greatest culprits of water contamination in the country, and that includes the use of non organic and natural lawncare products! Making the simple switch to organic and natural lawncare products means you’re choosing smarter and safer lawn care for your entire family as well as the community. Reducing your carbon and chemical footprint isn’t just about being a tree hugger, but it’s also about creating a safer, more pollution free environment for children, their children, and future generations.

Last but not least, being environmentally responsible isn’t really that hard. People tend to make it seem like it is when really all they fear is change. Making the simple switch to organic and natural lawncare solutions and supplies can be done in a single day, yet it can yield positive results that will last a lifetime! So what are you waiting for? If you’re curious about exploring and learning more about organic and natural lawncare solutions in your area, visit the closest farm and garden center and speak with an experienced associate for more ideas.




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