Stress, Meet My In-Home Spa


In the hustle and bustle of every day life, it is all too easy to forget to take time to relax and reenergize. Many people may feel that they do not have the proper outlet for such a recoup, but consider the sanctuary that could be found right there in the home with the right updates and refinishing. Escaping to the bathtub within your own home could be the very spa escape you’ve been needing. However for some, the idea of relaxing in their home bathroom in its current state may cause more anxiety than relief. Whether it’s dealing with missing tile, grout inconsistencies, or simply an outdated design, bathtub and other bathroom improvements just might be the next project on the to-do list. But just think of the end game! A little extra work now for years of relaxation — and sanity! — to come.

Is it worth the hassle?

So you’re looking for ways to relax and instead there’s another potential project on the table. Yes, updating your bathroom sounds like a lot of work, and it just might be. But if you are without a place in your own home where you can go to relax and take a load off, what better to put in a little extra work for? The light at the end of this project’s tunnel is literally a break from all the work. And if you’re looking at a total bathtub replacement, looking at the bathtub installation cost when compared to the eventual money that will drain due to old and damaged pipes, tile, and bathtub surface might surprise you. Better to put all of the time, money and work into one big project at once than draining all of those over a longer period.

Does it really need updating?
Maybe the first look at a bathtub installation cost scares you away from tackling this project. Or it feels like too much to take on. But consider the alternative: if you do decide to brave your current bathtub for an attempt at a relaxing time, really take a good look at the old thing. Bathtubs that are chipped, stained, or otherwise damaged due to extensive use and the result of harsh cleaners are prime real estate for germs and dirt. But before you get too discouraged or grossed out, just remember that bathtub repair and updating such as reglazing can be a good alternative to that higher bathtub installation cost. Reglazing a tub can take care of cracks, and on top of that, add another 10 years to the life of your tub. And you may find that your refinished, like-new tub is even easier to clean than it was before the face lift.

You deserve a break. Power through this one project and you’ll have that sanctuary you crave.




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