Expert Tips for Tree Roots in Plumbing

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Tree roots can pose big problems for homeowners if they invade sewer pipes. Tree roots can clog lines and cause pipe bursting. Plumbing contractors recommend a number of ways to deal with roots in sewer line.

Ways to Deal with Tree Roots in Sewer Line:

  • Get rid of the roots with a mechanical auger. You can cut through the roots with the auger. This will at least let you deal with the problem temporarily. The real issue will come back as unless you also remove the tree, the roots will grow back. This is one of the most common ways homeowners deal with this problem.
  • Use chemicals to get rid of the roots. Copper sulfate crystals will dissolve the roots and kill the root structure so the problem does not come back. The copper component creates a poison that keeps the roots from growing in the dirt around the pipes. Foam chemical compounds can also be used to kill off the roots.
  • Kill the roots with water. You can use a hydro jetter to kill roots and remove them from your pipes. This device can `pump between 17 to 18 gallons a minute through your pipes, which amounts to 400 PSI. The main drawback is the price tag associated with this kind of root removal. Often people will flush a chemical through the pipes after they have used the hydro jetter to kill and remove any roots that remain in the pipe.
  • Replace the line. This is often viewed as last resort. Replacing sewer lines can be very expensive. Many people would prefer to spend more to replace their sewer lines with a no dig method because while it costs more, it saves them from having to deal with the headaches of redoing the landscaping.The initial costs are more for no dig sewer repair than traditional sewer line replacement but you avoid having the extensive costs that are associated with redoing all of the landscaping. It also makes the process a lot easier and causes less of a hassle.

Plumbing services experts recommend installing cameras in the lines so that homeowners can monitor root growth and deal with them before they get too bad to be dealt with. This can be pricey but it is much cheaper than a full replacement of lines damaged by tree roots in sewer line. Many experts report that by the time most homeowners learn they have issues with the sewer lines they have to be replaced. They also caution that even new homes may be attached to older sewer lines that may have damage from tree roots in sewer line.

The bottom line is that the sooner you learn of a problem and take steps to repair it, the less the repairs will cost and the easier it will be for you to deal with.




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