Why Bathtub Refinishing is a Smarter, Cheaper, and More Economical Option

Bathtub refinish

Water has a tendency to flow, meaning that stains, mold, and dirt caught in the cracks our bathtubs can contaminate our bathing water. Chances are, if your tub has cracks then there may be leaks in your home costing you repair fees each time you use your bathtub. Replacing a bathtub is costly and takes time to install. Luckily, there are tub refinishing services to re-glaze or re-enamel worn, damage bathtubs so they look as good as new.


Having a bathtub that harbors dirt and grime kind of defeats the point of having a bathtub in the first place; where do you think all of that scum goes once it comes into contact with water? Surfaces become worn, chipped, scratched, stained, discolored, and damaged through use and harsh cleaners alike. A cracked tile can become a breeding ground for dirt, germs, and harmful mold. Since re-enameling a bathtub glazes it, refinished tubs are often much easier to clean than the original, as the surface is completely smooth like new.

Restoration vs. Replacement

Refinishing a bathtub is a cheaper alternative to buying and installing a new tub, which can costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace and install depending on the model and features. It generally only takes three or four hours to restore a tub, plus an additional 24 hours to dry. Many tub refinishing businesses offer coatings designed to recolor outdated tubs while sealing cracks. If properly re-glazed, a tub can last for an additional 10 year before more maintenance and potential replacement need be considered. Since most bathroom fixtures typically have a 30 year service life, you can enjoy the same bathtub for up to 40 years. If bathtub installation cost makes you sick, then consider starting a bathtub restoration project so you and your family can feel safer and cleaner in the bath.




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