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With the onset of spring each year, many homeowners will begin to think about home improvements. Whether for the purpose of increasing the value of their home for resale or simply for their own pleasure or convenience, owners will often begin to consider home improvement projects.

It is pretty well known that there are certain projects around the house that will not only serve to increase the value of the home, but will also provide upgrades that will save energy and add to the home’s appeal. For instance, improving the landscaping around the house can bring an increase to the home’s resale value of as much as 14%. In any town or city there are local landscaping services and contractors available for consultation about lawn repair advice, construction of patios, outdoor living spaces, led lighting ideas, and many other types of possible outdoor improvements. Professional landscaping companies will be able to offer suggestions as to the proper plants and trees around the yard that will bring out the attractiveness of the home and boost curb appeal. In addition, the strategic placement of plants and shrubs around the home could aid in decreasing energy bills inside the house by up to 20%!

The construction of patios done by experienced craftsmen could include, in addition to the patio itself, unique outdoor lighting, walkways, firepits or fireplaces, and even walls. There are unlimited designs and materials available these days for the construction of patios that will create for homeowners not only the outdoor space they want, but an outdoor living space as comfortable as their living room. Furniture for patios has come a long way from folding chairs and TV trays to now include actual sofas, loveseats, and recliners, all constructed with outdoor weather in mind. Awnings and gazebos provide shelter from both the sun and the rain, and skilled carpenters can now construct posts supporting a roof above patios that feature creative outdoor lighting.

Flooring for patios has evolved over time as well. Although concrete flooring for a patio has been around for a long time, it is still one of the top materials chosen by many people because of its long lasting durability. Its usefulness is two-fold in that it provides a solid foundation for the patio in addition to providing permanence in flooring. Another resilient material for patio flooring is wood. However, professionals will tell customers that, unless they want to be replacing wooden flooring before too long, it is better not to use it if the patio floor is going to be level with the ground. Wood flooring is suggested only for patios whose floors are constructed to be elevated off the ground. The reason for this is that placing wood flooring right on the ground will invite unwanted pests such as termites. However, when wood flooring is used for elevated patios, it does provide an extremely abiding surface, especially when treated with chemicals that give it extra protection.

For patios in climates that experience extreme heat, porcelain and ceramic have been found to be excellent choices for flooring. The reason for this is that these materials help to cool the surface of the floor. The flip side of the coin is that, in locations where extreme cold weather is the norm for at least part of the year, porcelain and ceramic will be prone to breaking and cracking. Patio tiles remain one of the most popular choices of flooring as well. In addition to their affordability, they provide unlimited benefits and are available in countless shapes, colors, materials, and textures.

A particular type of flooring for patios that comes highly recommended by professionals are garage floor tiles. Attractively constructed with a wide choice of different wood grain designs, these tiles are specifically created for garage floors; however, they work perfectly on patios as well. They are made of a premium vinyl and the base of each tile is constructed in a way that allows the ultimate airflow underneath to provide sturdiness and comfort. Because they are geared toward garage life, these tiles are manufactured to withstand 25,000 pounds of rollover weight. This is great news for whatever types of furniture and activities homeowners choose for their patio. Here is durability at its premium!



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