Is Your HVAC System in Need of an Inspection?

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Being a home owner is a lot of work. Between making sure that all of the kitchen appliances are working and making sure that your lawn is mowed, the bushes are trimmed, and the sidewalk is cleared in the winter, these important tasks can often seem like another full time job. Home owners often return to their houses at the end of the day and face the task of completely weekly work like mowing the lawn or unexpected work like fixing a broken garage door.
For many people, the most successful way to deal with all of the extra work that is involved in keeping up a home is to find people for some of the work. In some families with children, for instance, the chores of mowing, trimming buses, and shoveling snow can be assigned to teenagers. Sometimes paid an allowance and sometimes not, these teenagers, or even older elementary students, can lighten the load.
The way that some home owners lessen the amount of work that they do is by paying someone else to complete the job. Fixing a broken garage door, for instance, may be within the skill sets and schedules of some people, while others find a contractor to complete the task. In fact, many home maintenance tasks are often more successful if they are left to professionals. More than simply saving time, very specific tasks like maintaining a heating and air conditioning unit are better left to HVAC companies and HVAC contractors. The amount of money you save changing air filters yourself and performing what you think are routine maintenance checks can cost you a significant amount in the long run. If you miss a small problem that turns into something major, for instance, you can find yourself paying an expensive repair or replacement cost to HVAC companies.

  • Be sure that you rely on professional HVAC companies for all installations. The U.S. HVAC industry generates an estimated $71 billion in revenue a year because the initial investments in heating and air conditioning systems are expensive. So expensive, in fact, that they need to be installed by professional HVAC companies.
  • Every heating and air conditioning repair call can be expensive, so many home owners make the decision to purchase a service contract that will cover routine calls.
  • The decision to changing a HVAC filter regularly will help a home owner avoid allergens, dust, and dirt that may be circulated through the air in a home.
  • Taking the time for routine maintenance saves money in the end.
  • Each home can have unique heating and cooling challenges.
  • Really diligent home owners often have the most valuable properties.

  • The decision to install a programmable thermostat can save the average homeowner an estimated $180 every year in energy costs.
  • Once every three months is how often the filter on an HVAC unit should be changed.

  • Be sure that when your heating and cooling system is installed that it is properly ventilated. Did you know, for instance, that proper attic ventilation can reduce HVAC energy bills by an average of 10% to 12%.
  • Even the best HVAC systems eventually need replaced, but with proper maintenance, a new HVAC unit can have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

  • Saving energy and energy costs should be the goal of the installation of most new home heating and cooling systems. Although it may be tempting to purchase a less expensive model, it typically makes sense to buy the best unit that you can afford. Likewise, it is worth your money to hire the most reputable contractor for the installation. Although you may have a friend of a friend who is willing to do the work for less money, improper HVAC unit installation can increase ultimately energy costs by as much as 30%.
  • An estimated 85,469 HVAC businesses are located in the U.S. These businesses are part of one of the rapidly growing industries in America. In fact, between the years 2009 and 2014, the U.S. HVAC industry grew an estimated 4.1% a year. As unexpected weather conditions bring hotter and colder temperatures to more and more locations it is likely that this growth will continue.
  • Frequent inspections increase the length of your HVAC system.
  • Every home maintenance task is important, but HVAC systems are a substantial investment worth spending the money for the best service.

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