Do You Have Repairs Around Your House That Need Attention?


The list is growing.
Two significant drywall cracks that extend from the large window to the baseboard in the living room.
The tiles in the master bath need to be replaced. Your husband even wants to remove the sliding glass doors and have someone build a walk in shower that dies not require a door.
The entire deck needs to be torn down and rebuild.
The ledge above the front door has a small amount of water damage that needs to be repaired and then new drywall applied.
All of the kitchen cabinet fronts need to be refinished and rehung so that they no longer stay open even when they are closed.
The sidewalk in front of the house needs to be raised and replaced in two different locations.
You had a new garage door installed on the two car side, but it still needs to be painted.
Those items, however, are only the things that you remember off the top of your head. If you spent more time looking you would likely also find many other projects around the house and on the property that should be completed.
In an effort to not let that list of problems around the house to become too overwhelming, you have decided to create a second list. A list of possible contractors who can help you start solving and making plans to fix both the small and large projects around your house.
Remodeling and Renovations Often Require the Help of Skilled Contractors
Being a home owner is a constant job of keeping things fixed and repaired. The process of completing most jobs around the house, however, is often beyond the skill set that most home owners possess. As a result, they often need to find qualified, talented, and honest contractors for many of the jobs. Knowing which contractor to use for each job, then, can be the real secret to keeping a well maintained home.
In addition to selecting the best and most qualified contractors, a home owner has to be able to prioritize the projects. Most renovation projects, even those that are outside, cause a disruption in a home. Carefully planning for these remodeling projects and disruptions can help you survive during the process.
Consider some of these facts and figures about some of the most popular and frequent home improvement projects:

  • In a Houzz survey, more than 90% of participants indicate that they plan to install energy efficient toilets during bathroom remodels.
  • Many home owners have strong preferences when it comes to their bathroom remodeling. For instance, glass shower enclosures are preferred by 79% of homeowners.
  • Planning to add a new bathroom or to finish a living space in the attic can raise a home?s value by as much as 75% of the cost of the project.
  • Real wood floors are worth the cost to 54% of future buyers.
  • Over a 25% of renovations are driven by recent home purchases.
  • Very close to 10% of renovators purchased a home in 2015.
  • Eventually, all homes need renovating. Given that 85% of the homes in U.S. were built before 1980 means that the renovation industry will continue to grow.
  • Making a budget for a renovation can help with decisions. Fortunately, many home improvements add to the values of a home, so the money is well spent if selections are made very carefully.
  • Every home owner finds the bathroom an important part of a home. Perhaps this is why In a Houzz survey, 60% indicate that they plan to remodel their master bathroom.
  • Not all contractors are the same. Check with references before you hire one.
  • The kitchen remains the top remodeling project. In fact, 31% of the home remodeling projects involve kitchens.

  • Pretty close in choice, 22% are completing master bathroom renovations; 26% are renovating non-master bathrooms.
  • Living rooms and family rooms are renovated by 23% of home owners.
  • A surprising 35% of remodeling jobs actually involve the entire home renovations.
  • Not all renovations take place inside a home. In fact, of those preparing to sell their home, 13% of renovators are focusing on exterior projects that enhance curb appeal, and may add to the value of a home’s price.
  • Scheduling is an important part of any home renovation project. Knowing what your priorities are and understanding your budget can often help determine the scheduling goals.



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