How to Install Solar Panels

Are you looking to save some money on your electric bill? When it comes to electricity, the more you use it, the more you can feel the impact on your wallet. That’s why when you’re trying to save money and help the environment, look for a residential solar panel installation company that can help you. Solar panels are paving the way for reusable energy. Solar works so well because it uses solar energy to provide power to your home. More and more people are trying to access this source but find it difficult to find a reliable company.

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To find a reliable solar company that will give you a fair price, you have to know what type of price you’re looking for. When it comes to solar, the price can vary based on the size of your home. For any home, you can typically expect to pay anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000 for a new installation. Although this price tag may seem high, it easily pays for itself based on the amount you’ll save on your electric bill. Solar is also reliable for when there is a blackout in your neighborhood. Solar power gets stored in a battery so that while your neighbors might not have electricity, you’ll be fine for the long run.


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If you’re interested in becoming a solar panel installer or are already operating as such, you likely know the advantages of solar power. You know that solar panel systems are an environmentally-conscious power source that also offers financial benefits for both businesses and residences. You know that solar power is an increasingly popular option of alternative energy. You know that both state and federal governments are now offering tax breaks and other incentives to promote solar power. You’ve been asked how to install solar panels countless times. And unlike most homeowners and contractors, you most likely know how to install solar panels. However, did you know:

*Statistics show that the global growth of solar energy capacity averages 102% each year?

*Solar energy saves an estimated 75 million barrels of oil every year?

*If as little as 0.0005% of the earth was covered with solar panels, it could power the planet completely?

These facts prove that your industry is only improving and becoming more popular, which could very well lead to an increased demand for solar panels in your area. But if this is the case, where are you going to supply your larger orders for ground mounted solar panels and solar panel roof mounts? Can your current distributor meet your new requirements for larger orders and more sophisticated technology? Or will you have to turn down customers because you aren’t able to install solar racking systems or specific solar panel mounts, much less meet the increased demand for standard solar panel mounts?

If you, as a solar panel installer, are worried by this possibility, it’s time to switch from your distributor and head straight for the source: the manufacturer. Many companies now sell their solar power mounting systems and more directly to installers, creating more business for the manufacturer and an exciting new business opportunity for the installer.

According to statistics, solar energy panels cost around $1.94 per square foot to be produced by a manufacturer. Meanwhile, as an installer is surely aware, installing 600 square feet of solar panels on a building or home costs an estimated $55,000. Because you are negotiating directly with the company rather than a distributor, the cost you will pay for the equipment you order will be less than you are used to paying, and will therefore create a higher return on your investment.

Working directly with a manufacturer also allows you to order more diverse equipment: instead of competing with other customers through a distributor for specific materials, you can order whatever solar panel mounting, solar tracking systems, and solar panel brackets you need without having to worry about your distributor running out. The manufacturer is able to produce what you need, and will welcome the increased production. This allows you to complete installation jobs quickly, and also offer a wider selection of installation options that will help you compete with other installers.

So, the next time someone asks you how to install solar panels, and you get the sense that demand for solar power is increasing in your area, remember: when you need solar panels to fill a number of new jobs, don’t go to a distributor. Instead, call the source: order through a manufacturer.







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