More Than Just Location, Location, Location

Gated community homes for sale

In real estate, the mantra is “location, location, location”. But the actual, geographic location of a new home is just part of it. When considering the benefits of buying a new home, it also helps to consider what kind of a location the home occupies. Here are a few of the most popular.

Traditional Neighborhoods
When looking in traditional neighborhoods, the old real estate adage makes sense. The benefits of buying a new home in an established neighborhood will depend heavily on the neighborhood itself. Factors such as price, school districts, and proximity to work or nightlife can help to smooth out some minor hassles, but it’s never a good idea to “settle” on a home unless you absolutely have to.

Gated Communities
If safety and dependability are high on your lists of neighborhood attributes, you might want to search for gated community homes for sale. The requirements are bound to be more stringent than in traditional neighborhoods (which may not even have any), but the benefits of buying a new home in such a setting far outweigh the restrictions of what color you can paint or how often you need to mow your lawn.

New Developments
If you’re willing to live slightly away from the center of town, you can take advantage of new construction homes in burgeoning developments. This can include townhomes, duplexes, stand-alone units, or a mix of all three. The lack of natural foliage can be a detractor to some, but it’s the nature of the beast. If it’s someplace you plan to be for several years, the greenery will improve the longer you’re there.

Remember, it’s not just the building itself, but the neighborhood as well, that makes a home. If you haven’t actually stopped by a few of the places on this list, give them a try. You might be surprised by what you find. Read more blogs like this.



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