How to Transform Your Space Using Adhesive Shiplap

Looking to breathe new life into your space without breaking the bank? Does the idea of having a wooden or barn wood wall in your space tickle your fancy? If yes, then you’ll be glad to know you can achieve that look without breaking your budget or harming Mother Nature thanks to adhesive shiplap. Commonly referred to as peel and stick wood, it’s incredibly easy to install, which further makes it cheaper as you do not have to pay for installation. What’s even better is there are many ways to incorporate it into your space.

How to Incorporate Interior Wood Plank Walls into Your Space

Whether you own a home or reside in an apartment, here are ways to use adhesive shiplap to transform your house into an Instagram-worthy space

Create An Accent Wall

An accent wall is the easiest and also most budget-friendly way to inject a dose of personality into your space. So if you’ve always dreamt of incorporating a reclaimed wood design into your space and you have a big bare white wall in your home, then use peel and stick wall planks to turn your dream into reality.

Since it boasts the appearance of engineered hardwood, a peel and stick accent wall adds warmth, texture, and also serves as a beautiful focal point, especially in a small space. It also seamlessly blends in with almost any type of décor and doesn’t leave a hole in your bank account.

Note, this idea is applicable in almost every room in your home except for high moisture areas like the bathroom. For instance, you can have these panels added on one of your bedroom walls, your living room, or your kitchen.

Add Character to Your Ceiling

If every time you look up your ceiling makes you cringe, then consider using stick-on panels to make it appealing. This is an excellent idea if a single bright color characterizes the room. For instance, if white is the theme color in your space, then installing adhesive shiplap creates the much-needed contrast. It also adds visual space and also accentuates your lighting fixtures. What’s more, is you can combine this idea with the peel and stick wood accent wall to create a rustic space.

Under the Stairs

Struggling to decorate that space under your stairs? Then worry not because we got you. Peel and stick paneling is incredibly versatile, and can work even in the oddest of spaces. That said, simply look for the type of adhesive shiplap you think will fit your space better, and have it installed on this space.

Accentuate Your Kitchen Island

Does your kitchen look too bare? Well, one way to turn this around and make it the center of attention is by accentuating your kitchen island. The easiest and most affordable way to do so is by installing DIY wall planks on the base of the kitchen island.

Like the ceiling, this is also a great idea if a single bright color characterizes your culinary space. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use shiplap if your kitchen has other colors. For instance, if grey is your kitchen’s color theme, adding peel and stick wood panels that mimic reclaimed wood on the base of your kitchen island will do the trick.

Give Life to Your Balcony

If your idea of relaxation on a weekend or every evening after work is to sit on your balcony with your favorite drink at hand and enjoy the views or catch up with friends, then you should make this space even cozier. You can bring in a few comfy seats, add a few potted plants, but one way to create a drastic transformation is to use stick-on shiplap on the balcony wall.

Over to You

In a nutshell, there are no limitations as to where a reclaimed, weathered, or rustic wood look could go in your home. That said, you can incorporate all the ideas above into one space. What’s even better is that you do this without breaking a bank thanks to peel and stick wood. You can easily transform your living room this festive season using shipshap.




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