Styling Your Custom Designed Home

Luxury homes plans

There are many reasons to invest in building your own custom luxury home. Recent building codes make it so that custom built homes are usually 17% more energy efficient, and most luxury homes for sale are constructed in beautiful high-end areas

But one of the most exciting features of custom designed homes is that you get to build you’re own floor plan and design. Not only does this allow you to function more comfortably and efficiently in your own home, it also allows you to be creative with what your home looks like.

The custom luxury homes shopper looking for a beach, lake, or mountain house could go with a cozy A-frame design, featuring steep gables that shrug off snow and over-sized exterior windows that give homeowners dramatic views and natural light.

For the home buyer who wants a casual, open floor plan, ranch houses are both practical and hospitable. Large picture windows and sliding glass doors that open onto patios make for great indoor-outdoor living. Since they usually feature only one story, they’re also great for mobility for older or disabled residents.

More elegant-minded home owners could choose to go Neoclassical, drawing on the styles of ancient Greece, Rome and the Renaissance. Homes are usually two stories and the floor plans feel formal and classic. These luxury dream homes may feature decorative columns and elaborate pediments over doors and windows.

For someone looking for luxury homes for sale in coastal or resort areas, the Mediterranean Modern style might be the way to go. Mediterranean modern homes are cool and casual, inspired by Spanish and Italian architecture. They often feature open floor plans and many windows to lend themselves to outdoor living.

Whether you decide to shop luxury homes for sale or design your own, there are plenty of options you can discuss with your custom home builder to make sure you get the house that’s right for you! Research more here.







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