The Many Industries of Custom Manufactured Screws

Most people don’t think about the kinds of screws required for specific tasks, and how nut and bolt manufacturers have to create resistant and strong designs to keep pieces in place. However, people in the know understand that without the proper dedication and perfect craft skills, our modern industrialized society wouldn’t work very well.

Have you ever thought about the device keeping your TV hanging on the wall? A huge part of that is a pointed screw or, more accurately, several of those. Without the right pieces, your television would fall off and hurt someone. Even the smallest screw in creation serves an important purpose, such as securing your smartphone parts together.

Tapered screws are usually used for heavy machinery because their tips are narrower than the bottom, which helps with speedy installation and removal. Most people have a screw assortment at home for various purposes, but there are entire industries dedicated to these little metal pieces, and they are literally life savers at times. However, those come in set measurements with different ribbing and other features. Some factories and businesses need a custom design for their machines. Otherwise, their operations would fail.

Let’s find out more about the world of screws and why they’re important.


The screws and nails that are sold are your local home improvement store is likely to be the most generic size possible. They are the sizes that will fit on most of your home improvement or repair projects. For projects that are a little more custom, they may have a more limited supply of these tools. If your project or repair is extremely unique, it is likely that you will require specific tools and custom manufactured micro screws. This is possible in a couple different industries.

Undersized screws


Electronic needs

Electronics are constantly being upgraded and new sources of technology are being created regularly. When an engineer or scientist creates a new technological device, they are likely to need custom tools and custom fasteners. The need for these customize items is that the new source of technology requires alternative ways of connecting and build. Traditional or previous items may not be as effective to advance the item.

By 2016, revenues of consumer electronics and appliance rental in the United States are projected to reach approximately 5.7 billion U.S. dollars. Although heavy machinery and connective tools may be used to install screws and nails, custom manufactured micro screws may be necessary for the overall design and effectiveness. The custom set screws will provide the consumer with a better durability and strength, and overall, an improved product.

Vehicle needs

If you have ever looked under the hood of a car, you noticed the many different sizes and products used. All of these mechanical parts are necessary for the engine and transmission of the vehicle. Every year, car manufacturers are designing and supplying new vehicles. Some are previous models that are improved upon, while others are brand new designs. When a new design goes into market, custom manufactured micro screws may be needed.

Considering that screws in vehicles are important to the overall safety of the vehicle, it is crucial that the screws are properly fitted for their use. Custom manufactured micro screws tend to solve that problem, by creating a screw for even the smallest of needs. Screws that have fine threads are slightly stronger. This is because the smaller fine threads take up less of the available area. A one fourth UNF thread is about 14% stronger than its UNC counterpart. Heavier trucks and vans require finer threaded screws, while compact cars with less weight may have thicker threaded screws under the hoods.

Building uses

Screws are commonly used in household or industrial buildings. Screws that are used in the construction industry have to hold more weight than with electronics and automobile usage. When screws are used in the construction industry, it is more likely that they will need to be custom manufactured micro screws. These custom should bolts may appear to be smaller, but small screws often have thinner treading, thus the ability to hold more weight.

Commercial and industrial screws also tend to be measured differently than other types of screws. Commercial grade shoulder screws, for example, in standard sizes, as specified by ASME B18.3 for inch sizes and ASME B18.3M for metric sizes are available from most fastener and bearing distributors. Considering that the construction industry has a higher need for load bearing screws, you are more likely to find specialized sizing in local home improvement stores. Custom manufactured micro screws may hold additional weight, which may be used in multi unit complexes or multi level commercial buildings.

Some tools are common among many different industries. If you are involved in any type of hands on work, it is likely that you have a tool box full of nails and screws. However, you will find that some projects require specialized sizing and material screws. Custom manufactured screws can be beneficial in alternative projects, bearing additional weights, and designing new automobiles and technological devices.




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