Bathroom Floor TileWhere to Begin the Search

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When homeowners make a decision to do a remodeling project, very often it is to update a kitchen or bathroom. Updating or remodeling a bathroom can bring an average return on the homeowner’s investment of 86.4%. Even a minor kitchen remodel can bring in as much as an 82.7% ROI. As many as 60% of people surveyed have said that they would like to remodel their master bathroom sometime in the near future.

The updating of a bathroom has to begin with a plan. Once it has been decided whether to do a minor renovation or to gut the bathroom and begin from scratch, owners have to begin the process of making a number of choices. If redoing the floor, bathroom floor tile must be decided upon, as well as bathroom wall tile. There are many designs to pick from, for both floor and walls. Subway wall tile is a popular choice for homeowners redoing a bathroom or kitchen. Shower wall tile can be subway tile, mosaic bathroom backsplash, even ceramic tile that looks like wood. Mosaic glass wall tiles are available in many colors and patterns, or, the owner may just decide to go with a peel and stick tile throughout the bathroom and shower area.

Vinyl tiles are a top pick as a bathroom floor tile. It is inexpensive and one of the most practical flooring materials that can be found. It is proven to be one of the safest and most durable tiles available. These tiles are self-adhering and easy to cut for sizing purposes.

Other choices available when deciding on bathroom floor tile are porcelain and ceramic. These can be purchased in an unlimited number of styles and colors and are extremely easy to clean. Unfortunately, in spite of all the advantages of ceramic and porcelain, these materials do not offer the same comfort under the feet that vinyl flooring offers. In order to protect their ceramic or porcelain floors, many people will cover them with a high grade glaze. This helps safeguard the flooring against scratches and wear and tear.

Plastic laminate is also a well used idea as a bathroom floor tile. It does provide a level of durability, and it is easy to clean. However, unless any gaps around the walls and the bathtub are properly caulked, it is entirely possible for water to seep into the cracks. This will cause buckling and expansion of the tiles.

During the last ten years or so people have begun to experiment with stone tiles. It was once thought that these were only practical for a foyer area. Adventurous homeowners have found that they are also very practical and attractive in other rooms in the home as well, even the bathroom. Stone tiles are available in a variety of textures such as sandblasted, etched, tumbled, cleft, and flamed. Available colors include variations of blues, gold, cream, green, and red. Stone as bathroom floor tile will typically require a higher level of maintenance than other tiling. It is recommended that owners clean it often and seal it regularly.

Wood tiles are available, but not highly recommended for bathroom floors. They can be installed, however, as long as the owner understands that it will take quite a bit of looking after. It is a fact that once water seeps in, the tile will stain. In that case it is likely that the stain will be permanent. Therefore, for the adventurous homeowner, it is suggested that during installation of wood tiles in a bathroom, a sealant be applied all around the edges of the room, as well as at every joint.

Linoleum floors are still very versatile for a bathroom floor, as well as retaining their popularity. Constructed of wood flour, cork powder, linseed oil, and ground limestone, linoleum naturally fends off dust, dirt, and unwelcome bacteria. Cork tiles are great for a bathroom as well, comfortable to walk on and warm beneath the feet. In addition, they are easy to install.

With so many choices, the best thing to do during a bathroom remodel is to pick the floor that will work best for the home, and its inhabitants, and the amount of wear and tear it will see. In that way, the choice will be right!







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