Weekend Warriors, Take Heed Rent Scaffolding to Make That Job Safer

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These days, you can rent just about anything. Did you know that scaffolding rentals are not only common, but perhaps easier than ever even for novices? A construction worker knows what is needed for a job, and has the resources to whatever equipment and tools they’ll need.

That is not the case for someone who has just an odd job they would rather do themselves over hiring a contractor. Or maybe the contractor has requested you to handle the scaffolding rentals. Whatever the case may be, here is what you need to keep in mind for your next big project.

Make Sure You Get the Right Scaffolding For Your Job.

Not all scaffolding is alike. It would be a terrible inconvenience to have the equipment rental place deliver pieces of supporting scaffolding instead of the rolling scaffolding you really need. Confused? It’s actually quite simple.

    Supported Scaffolding: This is the kind you probably first thought of. It attaches to the building, and thus is “supported” by it. This type is usually seen on high rise buildings undergoing renovations. It is very safe, but does take some time for setup.

    Rolling Scaffolding: This is most likely the one you will need. Easy to install, as you just roll it up to where you need it, this option gives you the most flexibility.

    Suspended Scaffolding: While easy to install, it is best for only one or two workers at any time. Essentially, it does not support heavy weights but can get you up very high with relative ease.

    Aerial Scaffolding: This is another option, but it does require you to hire an operator. Similar to what is known as a cherry picker, this works for only one person at a time. But if you’re working alone and need to reach some awkward spots, this is one of the scaffolding rentals for you.

    It may help to know that most construction pieces can be rented for any length of time, whether a one day job or for a year. And don’t worry about paying for a rental that turns out to be a poor piece of equipment. About 51% of new construction equipment ends up on a rental lot.

    Equipment rentals can be a little confusing, especially when you don’t know what the best equipment will be for the project you need to complete. It can be quicker, and cheaper, to do a simple job yourself. Make it even easier by knowing what tools you’ll need from the start.




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