Advantages of Split Air Conditioning System

With energy costs growing in leaps and bounds every year, most homeowners have resorted to split air condition system for heating and cooling off their houses during hot summer days. These HVAC units contain a special capillary tubing that houses a compressor, the cooling coil, a long blower and also the air filter along with the usual electrical components. Unlike conventional ACs, split ACs will not require ductwork and are thus easier to install and more energy efficient.

Any HVAC Service would advocate for the use of split system air conditioning because they act like ductless heat pumps.

Split air conditioning systems have many advantages over normal ACs. In this article, we’ll briefly look at some of these advantages.

1. Saves You Money

Split air conditioning systems are way cheaper than your traditional air conditioning systems in the long run. Traditional ACs have elaborate duct systems which lose a lot of energy through heat exchange. Split system ACs, on the other hand, eliminates the need for ductwork and instead utilizes evaporation cooling technology, thus saving you a lot of energy which translates to cheaper running costs.

With the right HVAC service, you could even save a bundle on installation costs. The only downside to these types of ACs is that they will cost much more depending on how many units you want to be fitted in your house.

2. Easier to install and Repair

You might want to do your HVAC Service provider a solid and purchase a split system air conditioner instead of the normal one. In doing so, you’ll make their work a lot easier and also have your AC installed very quickly. All the contractor has to do is drill a three-inch hole for wiring and find a place to mount the AC. It is also a bit cheaper to install a split system AC than a normal one.

You also don’t have to drop a bundle to fix your HVAC; split system air conditioners are easy to maintain and repair in case of any issues. Because they are ductless, they also don’t break down easily.

What’s more? These ACs are flexible so you can use different units for different rooms. Meaning you could use low capacity split system ACs for smaller rooms and large ones for huge shared rooms like the living room or dining area.

3. Very Silent

A good split system air conditioner will operate at no more than 60 decibels, which is pretty quiet for an AC. This makes split ACs an excellent choice for board rooms and conference halls where silence is a priority. You also don’t have to compromise on sleep if you need a cooler bedroom.

Always look out for noise specifications whenever you’re purchasing an HVAC unit. If you’re shopping online, these specifications will most likely be in the product description page. You can also ask your HVAC service provider the noise level of the AC unit before you settle on it.

4. They Look Good Anywhere

Split air conditioning systems blend seamlessly with your décor to bring the best out of your living space. Installation is versatile, meaning you can have them on the walls, hang them from the ceilings or even tuck them quietly on top of your cabinets. Split ACs also come in a variety of appealing jackets that can easily fit your room’s aesthetics.

A point to note is that split system ACs come in two components; an outside unit called the condenser unit which basically removes heat from inside your house and takes it outside and the evaporation coil which is compact and fits snugly into your attic or house compartments. You can always place the condenser at a strategic place in your backyard so that it’s less visually intrusive.

All in all, split system air conditioning systems are an overall great choice for anyone looking for an alternative to the conventional AC. Visit any HVAC service provider today to find out more about split system ACs, so you know whether it’s right for you.




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