Benefits of Metal Roofing Over Other Materails

If you’re thinking of getting a metal roof, this is one of the best decisions that you could make. That’s because there are many benefits that you can get from doing this. In fact, metal roofing companies understand that future roof systems will probably be made predominantly out of metal. If you like, you can do some research and see for yourself what a 40-year metal roof looks like when compared to a roof of the same age that’s made from something like historic metal roof shingles.

Shingles are also very popular in terms of roofing solutions, and so it’s no surprise that a metal and shingle roof combination can also be an amazing option. A professional roofer can advise you if you’re in need of getting a good roof for your home. They’ll also help you find the right way to install the roof that you choose. As a result, you can get an amazing roof over your home that helps improve energy efficiency while keeping your home beautiful and valuable. The best part is that, with some planning and strategic compromise, you may not have to break the bank to get a roof that you’ll have for decades or even longer.

If you’re in the market for roofing materials for your new house or just for renovations, you could always settle for metal roofing.

Everyone knows that roofing is no easy task, from picking the roof, to the actual installation. The entire process could be pretty overwhelming. Even so, you still have to have a roof over your heads; otherwise, your house won’t be complete. That’s why you’ll see most contractors including asphalt or a metal roof estimate in their bill of quantities even for garages.

A leaking roof also doesn’t sit well with plenty of house owners, that’s why 65% of Americans will most likely repair the roofs when damaged by weather, and many others will opt to renovate their roofs after twenty to thirty years.

Roofs come in many types and are made from different materials. This variety makes it difficult to for most folks to settle on the right roofing type for their house. This post will convince you why you should settle on metal roofs by highlighting some of its key benefits.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Aesthetically Pleasing with Plenty of Design Options

There’s no other way around it, metal roofs look good. The materials used to make metal roofs include aluminum and steel. Nowadays, metal roofs come in more than a hundred different colors. What’s more, these roofs come in many varied designs since the materials are malleable and can be made into whatever pattern. This element gives metal roofs an edge over asphalt shingles which can only have about 20 colors.

Also for metals roofs, you can either opt for the shingle type or the interlocking metal type; whatever fits your fancy.


If you think your metal roof estimate cost is through the roof, remember that these roofs could last you a lifetime. With proper maintenance, metal roofs could last well over 50 years because of the material quality of metals that confers its longevity attribute. What’s more, manufacturers may coat these roofs with a zinc and aluminum alloy which prevents rust and corrosion and can extend your roof’s lifespan to over a hundred years. Because of this longevity, metal roofs are more preferred to asphalt shingles when building commercial properties.

Metal Roofs Can Resist Fire

When you think of all the damage a fire can cause, you are more likely to settle for materials with fire-resistant properties. If such is the case, then look no further than metal roofing. Metal roofs are fire-resistant and only fail to get a perfect fire resistance rating because of the underlying materials. This fire resistance quality makes them an excellent choice for many homeowners, cautious of the safety of their lives and their belongings. Some home insurance firms may give a discount on house insurance if the owners settle on a metal roof for their homes.

Weather Resistant

Metal roofs can withstand adverse weather conditions, including strong winds and heavy rainfall. Most metal roofs can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour and heavy downpour associated with some parts of America. Moreover, these roofs shed snow and rainfall easily when compared to shingled roofs. With a metal roof estimate lower than asphalt shingles, it gives you double the reason to go for metal roofs.

Ease of Installation

Everyone knows that putting up a roof is no walk in the park. With metal roofs, however, you minimize the effort and labor costs of installation. Metal roofs come in large panels that can even span seven feet or long shingle sections that cover a large area during the installation process, so you don’t have to install a lot of panels to cover your entire roof.

Hopefully, this article sells you on the idea of settling for metal roofs to top of your house. You could always look for metal roofs in hardware outlets across America or talk to your contractor to get a metal roof estimate.




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