Tips for Maintaining a Public Elevator

Elevators in public buildings take on a lot of wear and tear. They’re used often and are regularly required to carry significant amounts of weight. If you own a building that has elevators, then you are going to want to stay on top of preventative elevator maintenance. That is the best way to avoid any safety hazards or an elevator getting stuck.

Get Yearly Inspections

An important step in preventative elevator maintenance is to get elevators inspected every year. This is required to make sure that they meet state regulations and to maintain your certificate of operation. You can have an elevator maintenance service come out and check everything over, and then if anything needs fixed you can schedule those repairs with them.

Pay Attention to Problem Areas

It’s wise to pay close attention to trends in maintenance issues. If something is regularly malfunctioning, you might want to have an elevator mechanic take a closer look at it. Yearly inspections won’t always be enough to keep up with problems. It’s very common for unit doors to malfunction, so you might need to have some work done on the doors in between elevator inspections.

Maintain Cleanliness

Mechanical functions are not the only important part of a public elevator. Cleanliness matters as well. Keeping the elevator itself as well as the machine room clean is going to improve the appearance and functionality of the elevator. Keeping the machine room in good order will make it easier for future inspections and repairs to take place as well.

Stay on Top of Complaints

If you receive complaints that something is not working right in one of your elevators, you need to take immediate action. The safety of people using the units is at stake, so you don’t want to ignore any potential problems. Even something that seems insignificant could be a warning that something more major is happening and it’s worth looking into. Paying attention to complaints will let you know early on if you need to get an elevator serviced.

Take It Seriously

The most important part of preventative elevator maintenance is to take it seriously. Consider it a priority in your property management duties. The more on top of it you stay, the less likely it is that you will have any major problems in the future.




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