This Key Design Element is One of the Best Protections During a House Fire

Metal windows and doors

Each window and door in a home represents a break in the home’s air barrier. It is where much of the home’s of air occurs (for example, windows account for 15 to 22% of heat loss). While the first concern when considering window and door placement and installation is energy efficiency and heating and cooling costs, windows and doors and often the first defense against disaster.

However, windows and doors are also points of vulnerability in a home, not only to intruders, but to the elements, and to the all too frequent tragedy of a house fire.

Did you know?

More than 1.2 million fires were reported in 2013 alone. Even more shocking is that one house fire happens about once every 85 seconds. House fires account for more than 2,500 deaths and more than 12,000 injuries every year.

How do you plan for the unthinkable?

Fire rated windows and doors ad other safety features should be incorporated into any home design. Hot rolled steel windows and doors installed, for example in an attached garage, boiler room or kitchen area can make all the difference in the event of an accidental fire. Many fire rated windows and doors other residential steel windows and doors are rated withstand high temperatures for up to 45 minutes.

You don’t need to sacrifice design to include safety
Steel fire rated windows can look like a modern addition to a home. With the right space and design elements, these safety features can be seamlessly incorporated and not detract from the “homeyness” of a home. The windows in particular can add a bright, open look to the space.

Including fire rated windows and doors in any home design is a wise choice, especially when homes are very close together in a highly populated area. A safer home is well worth the extra investment.



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