Swimming Pool Fences An Important Aspect of Water Safety

Pool fence gate

Swimming pools are reminiscent of summer fun — lounging in the backyard pool or splashing with friends in the public pools. Images of sunscreen, colorful bathing suits, and plenty of sunshine come to mind when one thinks of a swimming pool. However, perhaps the darker side of swimming pools that isn’t always in the forefront of everyone’s minds is the safety that surrounds them. All swimming pools should have a swimming pool safety fence to prevent accidents that can be potentially fatal, like drowning. Pets and small children are especially prone to these types of accidents, since they don’t know better and often cannot swim. Swimming pool safety covers are another good measure to have, especially if you have a backyard pool.
What’s the Danger?
In a span of four years (from 2005-2009), over 3,500 people drowned accidentally each year — a chilling number of around 10 people per day. (These accident were not boating related.) Sadly, one in five drowning victims is a child 14 years or younger. Even scarier is the fact that even though most Americans believe that their swimming skills are just fine, under 50% know the most elementary of water safety skills. (This also means that many people don’t know the necessary steps to take if they see someone drowning — both to keep themselves safe in a rescue attempt, and to save the person’s life. Additionally, under 60% of Americans can do the five core swimming skills, according to a survey that the American Red Cross put out. With a lower number of the population than expected potentially at risk for drowning and without proper safety measures around pools, this could become a significant problem nationwide.
What Requirements Should a Swimming Pool Safety Fence Meet?
A swimming pool safety fence should be at least four feet high and have self-closing and opening latches that go outward. They should also be high enough that small children can’t reach them. Additionally, if you have a backyard pool, installing an isolation fence that separates the pool from the house and yard can lower a child’s risk of drowning by almost 85%, as compared to just having property fencing. Studies show that having four sided fencing like this could cut the rate of accidental drownings in half.
What Other Actions Can I Take To Make It Safer for Everyone?
In addition to having a pool safety fence, you should also make sure that your children are well educated in swimming and treading water. Make sure life jackets are around and that people are watching small children at all times if there’s an event that involves the pool. Keep alcoholic events away from the pool and make sure the area around the pool isn’t slippery. If someone were to slip, fall, and hit their head on a hard edge, they could be knocked unconscious into the pool, with fatal results. Pool covers can keep small animals like family pets or birds from getting into the pool and accidentally drowning as well.
If you practice good water safety, you can enjoy your splashing summer fun without unneeded worry or stress! More on this topic.




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