The Top Three Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About the Power Tool Industry

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Power tools have taken on a new meaning in society, becoming the quintessential symbol of masculinity and, to put it bluntly, power. They are omnipresent in the media, but even so, many people know very little about them let alone how to use them. Here are three empowering (read: interesting) facts you probably don’t know about the power tool industry.

1. The Power Tool Industry is, Well, Powerful

Power tools are expensive to make and buy, and so you would think that might deter people from buying them in large quantities. That couldn’t be farther from the truth however. Power tools wholesale suppliers are a very common thing, whether they are selling wholesale power tools or even just wholesale garden tools. It’s possible there are even more wholesale tools for sale than individually packaged ones! By selling these wholesale hand tools, the industry is making an astonishing three billion dollars every year.

2. The Power Tool Industry is Steadily Generating More Customers

Still, if they are selling expensive tools in that kind of bulk, surely they would run out of customers eventually. There are only so many power tools a given mechanic can possibly need! The need for those wholesale tools for sale is not shrinking, though, but growing very slowly and steadily. Between 2008 and 2013, the industry grew by half a percent, which isn’t huge, but is not insignificant either when put on a annual three billion dollar scale.

3. The Power Tool Industry is a Job Creator

Above all else, this success is helping folks find jobs in the rough economy. It isn’t just a small shop of skilled workers; there are over ten thousand people employed because of this industry! It is doing its work to help the economy keep turning. What do you think of these power tools? Find out more here.


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