The Power of the Load Pin

While you may not be aware of load pins when you come across them, they have a giant job to do when you do. Load pins are most commonly used in elevators, cranes, and other load-bearing overhead equipment. While they can be easy to miss, they are not easy to replace.

Video Source

The load pin does a ton of the grunt work when it comes to keeping pulley-like machines safe. To understand how these complex machines work, it is vital to learn all about the load pin. This video provides a comprehensive guide on load pins.

First of all, load pins are in no way as simple as they appear on the surface. Inside of each load pin is a mechanism that measures the amount of pressure put on the pin from two separate points. The center of the pin keeps it steady and balanced, while each side provides force pushing either up or down. This ensures that the load pin always provides just the right amount of force to cause a machine to function. For such a simple-looking piece of equipment, the load pin provides an essential function in tons of different machines.







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