Choosing a Replacement Window Tips and Tricks

Any homeowner looking for replacement windows should consider upgrading to dual-plane windows. As mentioned in the video, single-pane windows are no longer considered energy efficient.

Simonton Low-e double-pane glass replacement windows are 40% more efficient than windows of this type and are customizable to fit any space.

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The replacement window panes are made from vinyl and are designed for strength and insulation and flexibility. This retains the integrity of the frame as it expands and contracts with seasonal changes.

The space between the dual planes of the replacement windows is filled with argon, an inert gas, to provide thermal insulation. The inside of the outside pane is coated with low e-coating. This prevents heat from escaping during winter and coming in during the summer. The combination of argon and Low-E coating on the replacement windows reduces the home owner’s energy bills.

The windows are tempered for safety and designed to meet local energy standards.

Lastly, the lifetime warranty on the hardware, the screens, the IG unit and the vinyl is a plus. These replacement windows and doors are also transferable should you need to move house or renovate your home.






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