The Many Benefits of Using Peel and Stick Paneling

The interior design industry has changed drastically over recent years. The two most significant changes have been homeowners wanting to do more of their own decorating and renovations and homeowners wanting their homes to look fabulous and high end without going broke remodeling.

These two driving forces have opened up an entirely new category within the interior design space. This new category is filled with products that allow homeowners to get high end looks for a fraction of the price and they are products they can install themselves saving money in installation costs. This new category is filled with options for flooring, walls, hardware, and so much more. Nearly anything you want to do with your house can be done easier and more affordably with DIY options.

One of these great new options is peal and stick paneling. Most people love the look of hardwood, but it can be expensive and require a professional to install. However, peal and stick wood panels allow you to get the look and feel of hardwood without the tremendous expense. Plus, you can install it yourself.

Peel and stick paneling, as the name suggests, comes in pre-cut and pre-sized panels. You simple start at one end of the wall you are covering, peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive and stick it in place. This is a great way to add an accent wall to a room, or to add paneling to an entire room. Regardless of what you want to do, you can do it yourself. You can show all your friends what you did on your own.

As you reach edges and corners, you can trim the peel and stick wood to fit in the space you have left. Having a peel and stick wood accent wall in your house can drastically improve the atmosphere and visual appeal. Guests never have to know it took you an afternoon to install.

The benefits of peel and stick paneling are not limited to the cost and ability to do it yourself. You also have the excitement and pride of having created something truly beautiful in your home by yourself. A lot of homeowners feel a great sense of accomplishment when they try something new and it turns out looking as good as the pictures.

Another great benefit is the ability to switch things up if you don;t like it or get bored with the look. While it isn’t cost effective to continually change the design of your home, peel and stick paneling allows you to change the look for a relatively low cost and little work. You can simply peel the panels off the wall and install new ones as you see hit.

There are many different kinds of diy wallplanks or adhesive shiplap to choose from. You can find nearly any design, wood finish, or color you want to go with the rest of the room. While accent walls are very popular, you can use peel and stick paneling for an entire room, a backsplash, or even a bathroom. There are very few limits to what you can do with it.

If you are a fan of home improvement shows, you’ve seen all the different ways people are using different textures on the walls of their home to create a homier or cozier feel. You may have had some exciting ideas yourself, but you didn’t know how to make them a reality or you were simply afraid to take the plunge. You don;t need to be afraid anymore. Peel and stick paneling provides the flexibility needed to make mistakes and easily fix them without having to bring in an expert or spend a lot of money on repairs.




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