The Best Reasons To Get a New Fence

Metal fences are typically more expensive than most wood fences. Many wooden fence companies will offer plenty of affordable fencing materials. Other people may choose vinyl fences. Chain-link fences are even less expensive than both wooden and vinyl fences, at only $17 for every linear foot.

Wrought iron fences are often considered luxurious. The materials for wrought iron fences cost at least $40 for each linear foot. A wrought iron fence will be very stable and strong, but many other fencing materials can also be used to make powerful fences. Most chain-link fences won’t have to be replaced until 15 years after they were first installed. Wooden fences won’t usually last as long as that, but chain-link fences may have some issues with damaged tension wires or loose components.

The cost of fence around house won’t usually be higher than $4,000. On average, the cost of fence and installation will be about $2,800. You’ll usually spend at least $1,600 on a new fence. However, the cost of privacy fence panels themselves may be inexpensive compared to the prices associated with the labor. The cost of DIY fence might be relatively low, especially if you use certain fencing materials and work steadily.

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If you’ve been thinking about installing new fencing in your yard, you may be overwhelmed by all the different fence types available to you. There are wood fences, metal fences, vinyl fences, and more to choose from, and they each serve a different purpose. But how will getting a new fence benefit you, your yard, and your home?

It will give you more privacy – Nearly 90% of all fencing applications are for privacy fences, which are usually tall and made of wood that is spaced very close together. This gives your yard the coverage you desire for backyard events, pool and hot tub privacy, and more. Adding hedges to your fencing can also increase your privacy while adding an extra personal touch to your fence.

It can keep you safe – Having a fence in your yard can be essential if you have (or are planning to have) small children or pets. You don’t want your little ones wandering off, or something else wandering in. Keep your family safe and contained in your space with a new fence. (Hint: The bigger the dog, the higher you should plan the fence.)

It can increase your home’s value – Adding a fence to your yard can not only increase your house’s curb appeal, but in some cases, can offer an up to 65% return of investment. This means that you’ll be able to have a beautiful new addition to your yard and home that also gives back to you in the long run, not just with function, but with the overall investment value.

Visit your local fencing company today to find out about what kind of fencing will be perfect for your yard, your style, and your needs. No matter what you choose, you’ll be guaranteed an investment that will make your home, and your life, better.



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