The Benefits of Quality Lighting in Your Workplace

Restaurant lighting design

Commercial lighting has long been a problem for most people. Think about the last time you came home from your job or some other type of institution and planned out how you were going to redesign the lighting in your home to emulate where you just came from? You probably can’t think of the last time that happened because it probably never has.

Industrial lighting has always been less than ideal because lighting quality is not simply something that you like or you don’t like. Lighting has a tremendous effect on us. Light is what sets our clocks; it’s what sets our moods, makes or breaks our day. Consider the fact that, by and large, our mood is brighter on a sunny day than it is on a cloudy one. If the light in the outdoors affects us so much, how much more then will commercial lighting design affect us when we are inside?

If you are a business owner, lighting can significantly affect the productivity of your staff. A poor commercial lighting design can affect performance by putting a strain on worker’s eyes, giving them headaches and even potentially leading to eye disease. In addition, a custom lighting design can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your office or building as a whole.

If you have noticed that your commercial lighting design could use a few changes or a complete overhaul, there are a few things you can do to improve the situation straightaway.

First, consider the color of your lighting. The different colors out there can be very different but mostly, they can be very similar, with slight variations in shade. Experiment until you find the color right for your purposes.

Second, if you have fluorescent lighting, make sure you change any flickering bulbs or burnt out pieces. Leaving this undone for too long can cause seizers, headaches, and dizziness on the part of your employees or customers.

Also, a very simple method of employing quality commercial lighting design techniques is to use overhead fixtures to reduce shadows. This can make more of a difference than you might think. People who walk to and from one location to another often throughout the day might not notice the problem as it is happening but can develop problems over time as the result of uneven lighting.

Commercial lighting is something that does not have to change too much over time but might need to be redone if a building is older. The lighting technology and instruments could very well use an update if the lighting is too old. Maybe it is time to shed some light on a new design.




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