Should You Replace or Repair Your Windows?

How to choose the right windows for your home

There are plenty of reasons to consider replacing the windows in your home, from better energy performance to a warmer, less drafty house. However, the average person doesn’t want to embark on an entire window installation project, especially if any problems can be fixed with some simple window repairs. While this is a logical decision, there are some situations where you definitely need to invest in window replacements. Read on to learn if you should plan a window repair or replacement project for your home.

Are Your Windows Older Than 15 Years?
How long has it been since your windows were last installed? While some windows can last longer than 15 years with proper care and maintenance, this is the time to start checking for problems. Do you have problems opening and closing your windows? Do you often find moisture on the interior? Are there any other signs of damage? In many of these cases, window repairs may be sufficient, but additional attention may be required if other factors are at play.

Do They Use Single-Pane Glass?
Single-pane windows are not energy-efficient, often freeze open or shut, and have an increased chance of breaking. Because of this, the cost of replacing your windows might be a small price to pay when compared to your energy bills and potential window repairs. For this project, research the best windows to lower energy bills.

Do You Live in a Noisy Area?
Once again, the cost of replacing your windows might be worth the money if it means a quieter home. Whether you live near an airport or a busy street, certain types of windows can significantly reduce exterior noise.

Are Your Possessions and Furniture Fading?
Ultraviolet light may be penetrating your windows and causing your artwork, furniture, carpets, and window treatments to fade. Moreover, sunlight is responsible for most window damage. Because of this, while there are simple repairs you can make to reduce these UV rays, you may benefit more from window replacements instead. Research how to choose the right windows for your home before making this choice.

Are Your Windows Falling Apart or Rotting?
If your windows are decaying, letting in water, or drafty, it is definitely time to replace them. Left alone, these windows could not only make your home more inefficient, but also cause mold, mildew and other problems.

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