Learn More About the Benefits of Installing New Window Coverings

Window treatments can make a difference with a home’s interior and exterior appearance. In other words, fashion-forward window coverings can contribute to a home’s curb appeal. Appropriate window coverings can also assist with creating and maintaining a home’s energy efficiency throughout the year.

Popular Window Treatments

During the spring of 2016, approximately 31 million American households reported that they purchased window treatments over the past year. In addition to blinds, this included drapes and other types of window treatments. In 2018, blinds, draperies, and various types of window treatments were purchased by 15.88% of adults between the ages of 18 to 29.

Window Treatments and Energy Efficiency

Windows within older homes often have drafts or framing issues. If these windows are over 15 years old, this can lead to excessive energy bills. During the winter, drafty windows, combined with other issues, can cause roughly 30% of a home’s heat to be lost. Interior cool air can also be lost during warmer weather.

In order to address these issues, experts recommend having double-paned windows and using window treatments. While some window treatments may not increase savings, others have the potential to do so. Energy.gov, for example, states that medium-colored drapes that have white-plastic backing can make a difference. This type of window treatment is able to reduce heat gains by as much as 33%. During winter months, drapes also have the capacity to prevent up to ten percent of a home’s heat loss.

Learn More About Fashion-Forward Window Coverings

Whether you just moved into a new house or are redecorating an existing home, there’s an excellent chance you want your window treatments to express your personal style. In addition to reflecting your style, you want to ensure that these treatments provide UV protection and assist with maintaining your home’s energy efficiency.

There are a variety of treatments that you may be considering, such as light filtering blinds, woven wood coverings, medium-colored drapes, or sheers. Custom-made window treatments that reflect your personal taste are also available. Once you contact your local window treatment experts and speak with their highly-trained staff, you’ll be able to schedule a free consultation. Just imagine how beautiful your home will look with new window treatments!




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