How Can We Prepare for a Hurricane? Tips to Make Sure You’re Ready

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Natural disasters and severe weather strike, but how exactly do you prepare? Just one hurricane alone can reach up to 40 to 50,000 feet high, stir up millions of miles of air, can pour out over 2 trillion gallons of rain a day, and produces enough energy to power the city of Las Vegas for several years. This leaves many people to wonder, how can we prepare for a hurricane? While we can’t control the weather, we can prepare for a hurricane with a few simple steps.

How Can We Prepare for a Hurricane?

1. Invest in Storm Shutters for Windows
Storm shutters are a must have item if you live in an area that experiences frequent hurricane weather. Storm shutters and storm shutter hardware can be found inexpensively at most home improvement stores, and are certainly worth the investment when considering the cost of replacing broken glass windows.

2. Create a Storm Kit
If disaster strikes and your home is hit, a quality storm kit could end up saving your life. Make sure you buy or create a kit that has these essentials: water, non perishable food, a first aid kit, flashlights, and any important medications.

3. Have a Plan in Place
This is especially important if you live in an apartment. Having a plan that your family, roommates, or friends all know about will help keep you safe. If you live on the first floor but your apartment floods, a plan of action will help you get out safely, and allow you to know where to go. Make a pact with a neighbor upstairs to camp our in their living room, if needed.

4. Protect Valuables
Homes are often destroyed by hurricanes, so protect your valuables by placing them in ziploc plastic bags to keep them safe. Elevate them, as well, to keep flood water from sweeping them away.

5. Think Smart
If you often lose power, plan ahead and make sure that you do not have a lot in your fridge that will go bad. Also, invest in candles and matches, so you can see around your home during a blackout. Battery powered cell phone charges may also come in handy. If you often find yourself without running water during a storm, many people prepare for hurricanes by filling your bathtub up with water ahead of time might be helpful.

We hope these tips will keep you from questioning how can we prepare for a hurricane. Remember, being prepared is important, storm protection and getting to a safe place, if needed, is key.
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