Do You Own Too Many Books? Read This

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You are here because you have an addiction. It started with the American Girl books in the second grade and spiraled from there. Books have taken over your entertainment cabinets, every surface under the sun, even the back of the toilet tank! (And you’re pretty sure that was not the purpose of your bathroom design). Your kitchen cabinetry must perform double duty as a place for crockery and the groaning receptacle for every spontaneous Barnes and Noble purchase since 2005.

“Ok so you have me pegged. What do I do about it?”
If any of the above book mountains exist in your home, it might be time to consider custom made home library cabinets. This might seem over the top, but think about it; would you rather be envied for your tidy home library or be an unwilling participant in an episode of “Hoarders: Buried Alive?”.

“Fine. I’ll just knock a few together myself.”
We really don’t recommend making your home library cabinets a DIY project. Even if you’re fairly experienced, you simply don’t have access to the same kind of technology and wholesale products a contractor will. Certified home library cabinets built by a trained professional will most likely be resistant to humidity, food grease, and other common household damage. An experienced contractor will also be able to add those small tailor-made bits of flare, such as a roll out option and built-in book ends, that marry form with function.

“But, but, there are so many Pintrest designs to choose from. How do I pick the one that’s right for me?
If possible, try to get some input from an interior designer, even if it’s just a telecommuting conversation via email with pictures. Take the potential space’s measurements and see what they have to say. We must admit we are rather partial to modern designs for home library cabinets as they are often less bulky and the clean lines characteristic of the style serve to highlight the real stars of the show–the books! If you have a lot of money to throw around, we actually recommend hiring an interior designer for the duration of the job, as they can also schedule the contractors and oversee their work with a trained eye.

Be sure to comment below with some of your favorite library cabinet and book nook designs. We are always curious to know how these work in real homes.




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