Having a Clean Desk Might be More Important Than You Realize

Commercial kitchen cleaning

When deadlines approach and you get bombarded with files, paperwork, and post-it notes from fellow coworkers, it can be hard to keep your desk clean. When you’re in a hurry and need to keep the coffee or energy drinks flowing, that problem can get even worse. Though commercial office cleaning services might handle the dusting, vacuuming, and taking out the trash, they won’t generally clean your desk. Because of that, you should try to find some time every week, no matter how busy you are, to straighten it up and get organized.
From a productivity standpoint, clutter can be quite crippling. According to Jennifer Nelson in a WebMD feature, “Clutter, both mental and physical, can do a number on our productivity and eat away at our time. Think of all the minutes we waste looking for items that aren’t where they should be. Plus the sheer stress of a cluttered life means we may miss deadlines, work longer hours, and lose important stuff. Clutter equals stress.” Unfortunately, commercial cleaning services don’t always organize your desk for you, so staying on top of your own mess is important for maintaining productivity.
Of course, some regular cleaning is also important for staying healthy. Public drinking fountains can host up to 2.7 million bacteria per square inch if they are not cleaned properly, but, generally, commercial office cleaning services can handle that work. But at your desk, your computer could be home to 100 times more bacteria than the average kitchen table. If you want your desk to provide a productive and healthy work environment, then getting out the anti-bacterial spray and wiping surfaces down occasionally is vital.
Interestingly enough, whether or not your desk is organized can also influence how coworkers perceive you, at least according to an Adecco study. In a survey of more than 1,000 American workers, a majority (57%) of respondents said that they judge coworkers by their workspace. In fact, nearly half indicated that they have been “appalled” by how messy a coworker’s desk is. As a result, if you want to portray yourself as a hardworking professional, then taking the time to do a bit of cleaning once in a while is a must.
You won’t need to use the powerful commercial cleaning supplies that commercial office cleaning services do to just clean your desk. Actually, only 10 minutes a week could make the difference between a nice, productive workspace and a sloppy one. Even if you have a busy schedule, finding time will always be worthwhile. Research more like this.




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