Four Great Tips for Keeping Your Roof Leak-Free This Winter

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When it comes to your home’s roof, prevention is key if you want to avoid the need for replacing a roof too early.

This is especially true throughout the winter months, when snow, ice and wind all take a major toll on the condition of your roof, leading to countless wintertime roof leaks and myriad problems that will manifest themselves later on. Luckily, there are a few things to do to ward off the damage of winter weather and make your home’s roof last for many more years to come.

To keep your home’s roofing in their best possible condition — and free of leaks — all winter long, take a look at these four tips for winter-proofing your roof:

Clear the snow off your roof regularly

Did you know that leaving large amounts of snow on your roof can cause multiple problems? From leaks to structural damage that requires a roof replacement, snow buildup is very harmful to the health of your home. Use a roof rake to clear excess snow off your roof, or have a professional do it for you.

Invest in an insulation upgrade

As your roof ages, it gradually loses its ability to keep your home’s interior protected from the elements. By investing in high-quality insulation, you can keep heat inside your home during the winter and prevent it from escaping. Doing this won’t just save you money on heating your home. By preventing heat transfer through your roof, this insulation will keep snow from melting on top of your roof and subsequently leaking.

Keep your gutters clean

During the winter, clogged gutters are the prime location for ice dams to form. And because ice dams can cause leaks and other damage in your home’s attic and upper levels, it’s essential to keep your gutters free of leaves and other debris throughout the season.

Don’t wait to get a roof repair

If you’ve been told you need a roof replacement or repair, it might be tempting to wait until the weather warms up to have it done. However, there’s no reason why you can’t or shouldn’t get your roof repaired or replaced during the winter months. The only requirement for a successful wintertime roofing project? The temperature should be over 26 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the new roofing materials don’t freeze.

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