How to Decide Whether Your Backyard Needs a Deck or Patio

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Whether you have a big backyard or just a small outdoor space, it’s natural to want to use this space to its full potential and make it a perfect spot to spend time with your friends, family and other guests who visit your house. This is especially true if you love outdoor grilling; did you know that about 60% of grillers do so year-round?

When it comes to enjoying your backyard, you usually have two options — the deck and the patio. While similar in many ways, these two outdoor fixtures have a few distinguishing traits that make them better suited to some people’s needs more than others.

Would your backyard be best suited by a new deck? Or should you look into brick patio designs instead? Find out with this handy guide to the differences between decks and patios:


We typically think of decks as being wooden structures that give us easier access to above ground pools — however, you don’t necessarily need a pool to build a deck in your backyard. Many homeowners prefer decks because they require no extra excavation and can be constructed on sloped ground surfaces. In addition, you can build a deck that looks out over nearby buildings and offers you a great view. Adding a deck to your home gives you a 72% return on investment!


Unlike decks, patios are typically more permanent in their look, feel and function — that’s because a patio is more integrated with your backyard’s natural landscape. Constructed with brick, stone or tile, patios are built to last. And if the upfront cost of hiring patio pavers frightens you, don’t worry — the presence of a patio can boost a home’s value by as much as 12%.

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