Fashionable and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom remodeling design

When it comes to home renovations and their impact on home value, bathrooms and kitchens offer homeowners the most lucrative returns on investment. In fact, the ROI for upscale bathroom remodel designs can be more than 90%. However, even basic bathroom remodel designs will yield an average ROI of at least 75%.

For homeowners who are contemplating different bathroom remodeling designs, there are many different things to consider. And most of those decisions are based upon varying priorities. For example, an affluent, young, single yuppie might tend to prioritize fashionable bathroom designs over an 85 year old man with a bum hip and a bad case of “the gout.” Likewise, the latter individuals would probable lean toward (or lean on) handicapped bathroom ideas.

While there are a mind-boggling number of options for a fit, young wipper-snapper, that isn’t quite the case — at least relatively speaking — of an elderly person with limited mobility. However, there are still plenty of handsome bathroom fixture choices for old folks. For instance, as long a toilet seat is at least three inches tall than the standard 31-inch toilet seat, even those with the stiffest knee joints shouldn’t have a problem doing his or her business.

As for bathing options, investing in a high-quality walk-in bathtub is always the smartest choice for individuals who aren’t as light on their feet as they were during their younger years. Since walk-in tubs make getting in and out of the bathtub easier than climbing into a subcompact car, they are a must-have for senior citizens designing the idyllic handicap bathrooms.

Regardless of a homeowner’s personal taste in bathroom remodeling design, the leading bathroom remodeling companies can help them turn even their most extravagant bathroom design fantasies into realities. The bottom line is each home owner is happy with his or her decision, and that they are able to use their bathrooms free from the fear of falling and not being able to get up.

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