Everything You Need to Know About Decorating Your Bathroom

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It may not be as central as your kitchen or living room, but let’s face it, your bathroom is an integral part of your home and you wouldn’t want to live without it. For this reason, it deserves just as much attention as the rest of your house, whether you’re building a new home, remodeling it, or simply interested in changing things up. There are countless ways to create a bathroom that fits your life, from corner bathtubs and water efficient toilets to large whirlpool baths and bathroom sink cabinets.

One of the most important choices you’ll have to make is what type of toilet you want to install. This choice can be far from simple; after all, the first flush toilet dates all the way back to the days of Queen Elizabeth I, who had it installed at Richmond Palace around 1600, but refused to use it because she thought it made too much noise.Things have improved over the centuries: the first American patent for an indoor toilet was granted in 1857 and eventually evolved into the modern toilet we know today. Today, this seemingly ubiquitous part of the modern bathroom has become both iconic and yet to some, an unreachable luxury: while there is a bathroom in Taiwan called “Modern Toilet” that serves and seats customers with dishes and chairs designed to look like toilets, 2.5 billion people across the world remain without access to indoor plumbing.
Because you are afforded this option, consider your choice carefully: think about investing in a water saving toilet that can help your house conserve water. However, don’t be afraid to research your options: look for toilets made in USA and don’t be embarrassed to Google dual flush toilet reviews.

The next important choice for your bathroom is deciding what type of bathtub or shower you want, and can also fit in the space you have available. Some people are both interested and have the space to think about whirlpool shower baths, and should feel free to research whirlpool baths reviews. Just make sure you read whirlpool baths reviews to ensure that the tub will fit both your dimensions and your lifestyle. However, other people may prefer a more practical walk in tub shower combo because of its ability to save space while also providing options. However, if you or a member of your family have trouble moving independently, consider a walk in bathtub: walk in bathtubs allow users with limited mobility to bathe without assistance both comfortably and safely.

After you’ve made these two important choices, consider the space and dimensions you have available to you. Your choice of bathroom vanity, sinks, and other implements can be used to fill the remaining space. If you’re having trouble deciding how to configure the space, consider contacting a kitchen and bathroom designer to help you plan out the room. Rest assured that once you’ve researched, read the whirlpool baths reviews and looked at vanities, made the decisions and completed the project, you’ll be able to experience the sense of ease and luxury an updated bathroom can bring.




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