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Colorado radon mitigation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that radon levels found in 1-out-of-15 homes are at–or exceed–the level at which action needs to be taken to mitigate the effects. Radon, which is odorless and tasteless, is a naturally-occurring and radioactive gas. It can be found in groundwater, building materials, and in areas surrounding homes, office buildings, and other structures.

When seven states and three Indian lands were evaluated for radon exposure, the EPA found that almost one-in-three homes exceeded the recommended action levels.

Given that the EPA, as well as the Surgeon General’s Office, estimate that radon causes up to 20,000 lung cancer deaths, it’s critical to ensure that radon isn’t present in any breathable areas or the surrounding environment.

Did you know that radon can seep into flood water? If your building has a basement that tends to flood, and you already have a sump pump, have you checked to determine if it’s in proper working order? If you’re not sure if your sump pump is at peak performance, it would be a good idea to contact a sump pump installation company to check it. At this time, it would also be a good idea to contact a radon testing contractor to check for any actionable radon levels.

There are different types of devices that are used to test radon levels. The short-term device generally measures radon levels for a period of 2-to-90 days. The long-term detectors are generally used for more than 90 days in order to measure average concentration. Your radon testing contractor will be able to determine whether or not you need a short or long-term device.

In order to reduce indoor radon levels, passive systems of mitigation have been effective with reducing levels by 50%. If a radon ventilation fan is also used, it can reduce radon levels even further

If you already have a radon detection system, and you want to ensure that it’s functioning optimally and installed to code, it would be a good idea to contact a radon testing contractor. Since you don’t want radon gas leaking into your breathable spaces or water supply, a radon gas testing contractor can provide you with any radon mitigation and abatement services that may be required.

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