Radon and Why It Needs to be Removed from a Home

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There are many dangers that can occur within the home. However, none may be as important to contain than radon. There are radon mitigation services available that can quickly ensure a radon problem is taken care of. The Surgeon General released information stating that radon is the second cause of lung cancer in America. In this post, you will learn more about radon and what mitigation services there are for this gas.

What is Radon?

Radon is not just a gas but a radioactive gas. Therefore, you definitely do not want this dangerous gas anywhere inside of your home. Radon is gas that is known as being very toxic and it contains no color.

What are Side Effects of Radon Poisoning?

Unfortunately, symptoms of exposure to radon are extremely hard to detect. The main side effect that occurs from radon exposure is lung cancer. This cancer can take years to officially detect. It remains crucial that radon is contained quickly to minimize exposure to humans and pets.

One way to minimize exposure to radon is to have radon detectors within your home. Residential radon testing is done with either a short or long term detector. A short term radon detector will measure levels of this gas for 2 to 90 days. A long term detector will measure radon longer than 90 days. Some radon testing companies will be able to provide you with an in home detection system.

What do Radon Mitigation Services Provide?

One major area of importance is that radon gas is contained quickly. Radon mitigation companies can provide solutions below the ground to get rid of this gas. The main concern is that dangerous radon is not allowed within your home. Sometimes, a unique solution is required but this will be dependent upon the design of the home.

In conclusion, radon is an extremely harmful gas you don?t want in your home. The side effects of radon poisoning aren?t immediately seen which makes calling radon mitigation services that much more essential. The EPA estimates that 20,000 deaths from lung cancer are caused by radon.

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