Don’t Let Power Outages Get You Down!

Licensed electrician

You don’t need to be a master electrician to know that the United States is facing an energy crisis. Not only is the average $60 cost of a monthly household electric bill stretching American budgets to the breaking point, rolling blackouts have grown in frequency throughout the U.S. by 124% in the last twenty years, according to CNN. Though rolling blackouts create all kinds of havoc, as any master electrician can tell you, a typical localized power outage is also no walk in the park. Affecting an estimated 50,000 consumers per incident, local power outages cost the U.S. government $119 billion dollars annually. The silver lining to all of this is that within 5-10 seconds of a power outage occurring, emergency power generators will kick in, thus creating a seamless energy state during an outage or other emergency.

In the summer months, standby power generators facilitate continued air conditioning during power outages, which is a must for the elderly who are highly susceptible to heat stroke and dehydration. In the winter, generators keep homes well heated, preventing illness and discomfort for those within. As well, backup generators make it less likely that those working on computers will lose documents on which they have already spent a great deal of time and effort. Thus, generators make it possible for economic productivity to remain stable during the kinds of energy emergencies with which master electricians regularly deal.

You may not be able to affect the United States’ energy crisis single-handedly, or even solve problems associated with wide scale power outages the way that a master electrician can, but you are capable of protecting your own household or business from a power outage by installing a backup generator. There are many local master electricians who can help you to select the best generator for your needs, as well as complete the installation process. During a power outage, a good backup generator could be real lifesaver, as any master electrician will explain; thus it’s worth looking into investing in one for your household or place of work. Read more articles like this:


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