Did You Know You Can Sell Your House Fast For Cash? Find Out How

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Did you know that by 2030, there will be twice the number of elderly people than in 2000 (about 72.1 million). For many of these seniors, this means a large adjustment–about 70% of seniors who will move into an assisted living home, will give up a private home or an apartment. However, since sometimes waiting on the market to sell can require time you don’t have, sometimes looking at home buyers can be an excellent way to get your real estate bought for cash. It’s a win-win situation: you don’t have to wait on the (often slow) real estate market to move your house or pay a real estate agent’s commission (which can often be up to 6% of the sell price). You get your real estate bought for cash and can move onto the next stage in your life, whether that’s looking for another house to rent, buying a house of your dreams, or moving into assisted living.
Why Should I Skip The Real Estate Market?
Since selling through an agent and using the real estate market is the most logical choice, many people don’t even know you can directly sell your home for cash. Here are some reasons why selling your home to investors that buy houses could be your best option.
If you go through the real estate market, your waiting time could vary on average between 30 days (for a fast market) and up to nine months in a slow market. Granted, some houses could go faster than 30 days and others can drag on for years in a slower market. If you’ve been frantically searching for “need to sell home quickly” and “how to sell your house quickly,” this might be the best option for you.
In some cases, our homes don’t always look as tip top as we might want them to. In a competitive market, this can make houses a bit more difficult to sell to choosy customers. A real estate agent may not even want to represent your home, especially if he or she believes it won’t sell well. In those kinds of cases, you may feel stuck or discouraged, needing to move, but not sure how to. A home investor can help you, by purchasing your home and letting you move on.
Going through the real estate market can be exhausting and expensive. Naturally, there’s the fee to pay your real estate agent and some agents may want to tweak or add certain things to your home to make it look more appealing to potential buyers. Naturally, these are things you end up paying for. If you’re already strapped for cash, this doesn’t help. Having your real estate bought for cash with nothing extra needed can be an absolute relief in these kind of cases!
All in all, if you need cash and to sell your home quickly, looking up home buyers might be a great way to fulfill both those needs in one swoop. You can search online for “home investors” or reach out to friends, family, and neighbors who may be able to offer some insight on what’s best for your situation.




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