Cut Utility Costs with Landscaping Tricks

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Beautiful landscaping is a great asset to any home. It makes a person feel proud of where they live and able to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. Besides the visual appeal, a good landscaping design can help save a homeowner money on their bills, as well as drive up the value and decrease the selling time of their home. Hiring experienced landscapers can help a home owner financially when they can employ these landscaping tricks.

Saving Costs on Heating and Air Conditioning

Homeowners spend so much money on heating and cooling their homes, especially during the peak of summer and winter seasons. Proper landscaping tricks can help cut the costs of both air-conditioning and heat. In the summer, a landscape design including dense trees can block up to 95% of direct sunlight, which eliminates 75% of its heat on your home. Professional landscapers also say that having trees shade a previously unshaded home can reduce air conditioning costs by 15% to 50%. In the winter, a proper energy-efficient landscape can save up to 30% on heating bills according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Hiring a landscaper will not only make a person’s home more beautiful and enjoyable for them but can also save them cash each year.

Increase Value and Decrease Selling Time

When using landscaping services, a homeowner can cut their selling time by great amounts. A sale of a home or building can be sped up by as much as six weeks with adequate lawn care and a beautiful landscape. Even if a homeowner is looking to increase the ultimate value of their home, they can find success with a landscaper. Landscaping can actually bring a recovery value of 100% to 200% at the time of sale according to an article in Money Magazine. A visually appealing home can also increase the value of a home. A study conducted at Clemson University found that when a home has excellent landscaping it can generate 6% to 7% higher sales than homes whose landscaping is average or minimal. Certain landscaping tricks can increase the success of selling a home by a great deal.

Hire a Landscaper Today

Whether a landscape design is done for cosmetic purposes, or for cost cutting purposes, it will help the homeowner financially when done properly. Money saving landscape ideas benefit both the current homeowner and anyone who may purchase the home in the future. By employing a few landscaping tricks to reduce utility costs or adding a little extra pizazz to the yard, a person will increase the value of their home and reduce the amount of time it takes to sell the building.




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