Design Tips to Make Your Master Bathroom Amazing

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When people remodel all of their home or just part of their home, they find that when they redo a bathroom, they can recoup up to 60% of what their house’s resale value. That is one reason so many people opt to redo at least one of theirs. Many people know they want to remodel the master bathroom but are not sure how. Here are some bathroom design tips to make your bathroom stand out.

The master bathroom is a room, treat it like one. Many people design their bathrooms by just lining everything around the walls of the room. but that should be avoided. Work around the central part of the room to make this room feel more like a real room. Decide how much space you are going to need to get around. Try to keep that to a minimum. You do not have to make the room cramped but this kind of bathroom design will pay off when you have an elegant look.

Compartmentalize different parts of the master bathroom. One great master bathroom design will give each function from the bathroom its own space. Set the sink on a contained counter unit. Another option for your sink would be to set a pedestal sink on the counter. A third option is a floating sink. Set aside discrete areas for the bathtub and shower and then the toilet. You need to make a decision about your bathtub and shower. Do you want them to be separate or combined? Do not crowd your decorative items. Give them all their own space to shine.

Connect the bedroom and the master bathroom. You can think of the bathroom as being almost a part of the bedroom. When you are working on your bathroom design, think about what you will be looking at from the bedroom. Do the same thing from the bathroom side of things. You just want there to be a views to be enjoyable from either side of the door.

Make the connection between your bedroom and master bathroom be comfortable. When you are working on your bathroom design, think of the two rooms as being one large suite. Think about what it will feel like to step from the carpeting in the bedroom to the tile in the bathroom. If you are not sure how to make this flow the way you will want it to, you may want to hire someone to help. You can get a good interior designer to work with you on this to make the flow what you want it to be.

Consider your materials and fixtures carefully. You want your fixtures and the materials you use throughout the master bathroom to flow and make sense in a bathroom. You probably do not want hardwood flooring in your bathroom, for instance. You also want your materials and fixtures to be in keeping with the style of the rest of the house. if you have a Victorian style home, you should not have a bathroom design that is modern and sleek. If the rest of the house has a minimalist look, the bathroom should not have an ornate look and feel. When you are buying these items, do not assume that if you spend more money on something, it is of a better quality than a less expensive item. Go with what you like. Sometimes items that are really inexpensive are a better quality. Again, this would be a good time to hire a professional interior designer if you think you need the help.

Keep your sizes proportional. As much as you may want an Olympic sized pool for a bathtub does not mean you should give in to that desire. Your master bathroom should be smaller than the bedroom. One way to make sure you do this is to sketch out your master bathroom design and bedroom. This can give you a visual that will tell you if you went overboard with your master bathroom.

These tips should be considered to be a guide to help you think about how you want your master bathroom to look and feel. This room can be a really comfortable space with a spa like look and feel.






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